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I try to get the state of a vehicles engine.

What I tried so far is using the EOnPhysicsActive event of the vehicle:


class SaRo_BMHQ_Hillbilly01_Class: Vehicle 
	override void EOnPhysicsActive(IEntity owner, bool activeState)
		if (activeState) Print ( "Active.");
		else Print ( "Not active.");


This detects if the physics of the vehicle get simulated and therefore it fires on movement even if initiated by another entity like another car. It also fires on initialization.


Question is: Is there a method to get the engines state and which method is it?

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Some vehicle components have methods for the engine.

class VehicleWheeledSimulation has

proto external bool IsEngineOn();

and class VehicleControllerComponent has

proto external bool EngineIsOn();

Both worked for me so far:





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