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9ACG Cold War Factions

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Steam Workshop Linkhttps://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2723434750

9th Air Commando Group - Cold War Factions is a lightweight CUP, CWRIII, and SOGPF dependent modification which adds a number of Opfor factions from the Cold War Period. Most of these factions have been well researched and are created as historically accurate as possible within the restrictions of the base mods.
Several reskins are included. All factions are ALIVE compatible. The purpose of this mod is to allow the members of the 9th Air Commando Group to experience a more diverse selection of enemy forces. If you are interested in experiencing these conflicts and fighting against these factions in a multiplayer environment, please consider joining the 9th Air Commando Group: https://discord.gg/RJcCzvN

This mod adds the following Opfor factions:

North Korea
Soviet Army
Soviet VDV

Soviet Army
Cuban Revolutionary Forces

Armed European Civilians
Soviet Army
North Korea
Spanish Army
Zimbabwe Liberation Army

Central African Rebels
South American Cartel
Panama Defense Forces
Grenada Revolutionary Army

Iraqi Army

These factions have been tested with CWRIII, CUP, SOGPF, Alive, and ACE and work as designed.
Additional factions are planned for the future. If anyone has any suggestions on additional factions to add (that are not already covered in SOGPF or CWRIII) please feel free to request, we are interested in new ideas.
Hope you enjoy.

Some of the factions:













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Version 2 Update:

Various issues fixed.

Bisign Keys Added

Iraqi Army 1990s
Spain 1970s

Lebanese Communist Insurgents - 1950s
Angolan MPLA - 1970s
East German Army - 1970s
British Mercenaries - 1970s
Zimbabwe People's Revolutionary Army, ZIRPA - 1970s
Libyan Army - 1980s
Polish People's Army - 1980s
Somali National Alliance - 1990s
Russian Mafia - 1990s

Many vehicle & uniform reskins this update.



















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Hey man, these factions are awesome and I'm currently planning on using them for a Rhodesian campaign. On that, is there potential of Rhodesians/South Africans coming in future? Would be really cool to see them! Also, could the British mercenaries potentially be geared up in reskinned uniforms of some kind? They look too much like 80s era British soldiers to be in the 70s or even mercenaries for that. 

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Hi there, the brit mercs were based off a certain movie from the 70s. So that's the look I was going for. 😕


I am working on a separate blufor mod with additional dependencies (unfortunately). South Africa and Rhodesia are among the list of factions im doing for that one.

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This is awesome. I'm so glad there's renewed interest for Cold War era mods lately.


Would be great if you added Mao-era PLA and Khmer Rouge forces. Unsung has Mao caps and S&S has green NVA uniforms that resemble Khmer "uniforms" sort of. There is already the AEP_Core for PLA uniforms and equipment but i was hoping there was one with "Puttee" boot wraps. 

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