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Arma 3 OPTRE: 89th JTF

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The 89th Joint Task Force is a MILSIM-Lite OPTRE unit. With a good handful of our members and leadership either active military or prior-military, a lot of what we do is very streamlined and informative. It also allows us to appease the more serious Mil-Sim members while still keeping our more casual members happy.
We are also new player friendly; whether you are new to Arma or an Arma Veteran, our trainers will be happy to teach you everything you need to know to join the fight.


We are primarily a Marine unit, however we are supported and supplemented by an aviation detachment as well as an ODST team. Roles available for training and use in operation vary from a number of ground combat MOS's, such as grenadier, auto rifleman, anti tank gunner, and more. 



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