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Hello Arma community,
I want to share with you my first mission published on the Steam Workshop called Dark Moon.

Mission Briefing:
Last week, the island's media reported on a chemical theft from an industry in Kavala. The investigations conducted by the local authorities have indicated an anti-government cell as responsible for the incident and asked for our support to identify and neutralize the alleged threat. The aerial reconnaissance carried out in recent days, combined with information obtained in the field, identified the city of Orino as the main point of interest. We do not know exactly what kind of activities are taking place in the area therefore we recommend the utmost caution.


  • No mods required
  • Singleplayer/Cooperative (up to 4)
  • Virtual Arsenal
  • Vanilla revive system for Coop



If you have any feedback or encountered any bugs please share it here or on the mission's Steam page.


Have fun and have a Splendid™ day.
- Fabio

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