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Cutscene Script won't stop looping.

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I'm fairly new to scripting and mission editing in general. I used a script called MovieMaker by aliascartoons

I have a init.sqf file that runs the script for me. Here it is.


cut_scene_1 = [] execVM "AL_movie\cut_scene_screen_effect.sqf";
waitUntil {scriptdone cut_scene_1};
sleep 1;
null = [] execVM "AL_movie\cut_scene_screen_effect.sqf";

then I have the cut_scene_screen_effect.sqf that is the cutscene itself.


sleep 15;
if (!hasInterface) exitWith {};
cutText ["", "BLACK IN", 0];

loopdone = false;
while {!loopdone} do {


// text
_txt_1 = ["DEATH FROM ABOVE",5,"center","3","#d99e30"] execVM "AL_movie\txt_display.sqf";
// -------------------------------------
_firstshot = [cam1, cam1, target_scene_1, 10, 1, 0.8, true, 0, 0, 2,"grain","none",0,"uav1",FALSE] execVM "AL_movie\camera_work.sqf";
waitUntil {scriptdone _firstshot};

// text
_txt_2 = ["15 minutes after the crash",3,"top_right","1","#FFFFFF"] execVM "AL_movie\txt_display.sqf";
// -------------------------------------
_secondshot = [cam2, cam2, target_scene_2, 7, 1, 0.8, true, 0, 0, 2,"grain","none",0,"uav2",FALSE] execVM "AL_movie\camera_work.sqf";
waitUntil {scriptdone _secondshot};

// text
_txt_3 = ["Map created by sizraide",3,"bottom_right","1","#FFFFFF"] execVM "AL_movie\txt_display.sqf";
// -------------------------------------
_thirdshot = [cam3, cam3, target_scene_3, 5, 0.8, 1, true, 0, 0, 2,"grain","none",0,"intro_music",FALSE] execVM "AL_movie\camera_work.sqf";
waitUntil {scriptdone _thirdshot};

// --------------->> end of camera shots <<---------------------------------------------------------
cutText [" ", "BLACK IN", 3];
_camera = "camera" camCreate (getpos player);
_camera cameraeffect ["terminate", "back"];
camDestroy _camera;
"dynamicBlur" ppEffectEnable true;   
"dynamicBlur" ppEffectAdjust [100];   
"dynamicBlur" ppEffectCommit 0;     
"dynamicBlur" ppEffectAdjust [0.0];  
"dynamicBlur" ppEffectCommit 4;

When I play the scenario, the scene plays as normal with no errors. But it doesn't stop looping the cutscene. I want it to stop looping.

I tried terminate and it doesn't work. Any help?

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In the first block (init.sqf) you have it running the script twice.

You can delete the last 3 lines.


Then in the second block (cut_scene_screen_effect.sqf) you have it running in a loop.

Remove the while {!loopdone} do { };


Using "while" is a forever loop as long as the part in the brackets are True.

(on my phone and can't type more details)

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