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[COOP] S.O.G.P.F. CDLC Air Cavalry Patrol (ACP) - Dynamic Objective Focussed Mission Generator

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Air Cavalry Patrol (ACP) is a MILSIM/Semi-MILSIM/Casual MILSIM dynamic mission generator that provides replayable objective focussed gameplay for minimal effort, ideal for communities of 5-15 players but playable with a single player!

Players take the role of either a ground infantry squad or a Huey crew to fly into the jungle (walking's for chumps) to complete an objective, then fly out onto the next objective.

Each objective should take around 15-20 minutes (depending on flying time and catastrophe) and the mission has parameters for 1 - 6 objectives per mission!

All objectives will be able to be done with enemies still remaining, and in some cases you won't be able to fight them all off - so expect hot extracts as well as hot insertions, because hot LZs is what a Vietnam game is all about, right?

Mission available for download here:

Introduction Video (v0.1):

This is still very WIP (currently about 5hrs worth of effort at time of posting!) so it's far from finished, but hopefully playable! Find any bugs? Let me know!

Current features:
Clear Camp mission

Recover Supplies mission
Ticketed respawn (adjustable in Parameters)
Optional arsenal crate
End conditions for all players dead (and out of tickets) or all objectives complete and players returned to base.
Adjusted loadouts
Automatically identifies ACE/ACRE and adjusts loadouts/arsenal accordingly
Semi-dynamic briefing that changes depending on what the objectives are.

Planned features:
MORE missions - so many more!
US Only and All Vietnam arsenal options
ACRE/TFAR compatability with spectator chat and radios
A "hardcore" mode with limited maps and compasses, for that true lost in the jungle feel.

In addition to this I'll be making a ground-based patrol mission (for those walking chumps I mentioned) that is similar but without the requirement for a helicopter.

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V0.2 Update
- Fixed objective spawning bug that was spawnign objectives 400m in the air!
- Added arsenal, role limited and completely unlimited. Will be adding US only and All Vietnam soon!

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As a fan of dynamic game modes, I'm looking forward to trying this if it's SP friendly. I just have one simple question. Is there a save mode available for SP? Thanks.

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v 0.3 Update
- Added custom loadouts with ACE and ACRE as required and with TFAR compatible radio backpacks
- Adjusted helicopter loadout to include flare launcher, M72s, spare ammo and a  medical grab bag (for vanilla and ace medical). If ACRE is enabled two AN/PRC-77 radios in radio backpacks will also be in the helicopter for use by the crew.

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- Added a dynamic 5 paragraph briefing to give details on what is required at each objective
- Added a 'Recover Supplies' mission type

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