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[A3] [40K] [RECRUITING] 78th Cadian Shock Troopers

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---------------78th Cadian Shock Troopers---------------

The 78th Cadian Shock Troopers are now open for recruitment!
We are a milsim group of experienced semi serious arma players deriving from different communities to come together and play arma. All of our staff and zueses are experienced in running communities and administering the best storylines and operations arma can offer. Our community has its own custom designers and mod pack with custom uniforms and vehicles. Please if you are interested in our unit and want to play along feel free to join our discord and speak with a recruiter or if you just want to join to hang out with a group of arma players and play some liberation feel free to join us anytime our server is up 24/7! Operations are held every sunday at 6:00 PM EST.

Unit Positions:

---Infantry Command---
~ Rifleman
~ Weapons Specialist
~ Fire-support
~ Medicae
~ AT Trooper
~ Marksman
~ Combat Engineer
~ Breacher

---Logistics Command---
~ Artillery Operator
~ Pilot
~ Supply Trooper

Be Advised we will be switching over to a feudal unit as soon as we get our assets released, if you have any questions, please ask!



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