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How to achieve Devil's Due

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This post contains spoilers!


I tried Old Man couple of times. Every time I tried to achieved Devil's Due end I failed. Additionally BI is not helpful, because every update of A3 force me to restart this mission.

I consider Old Man as a good mission but I am just tired figuring out what to do to finish it with this end.

Sequence below will take you up to 10 minutes.



//Install debug console.
//All commands below should be pasted into this console (to open console press Esc)

//Start the mission with manual saving choosed.

removeAllWeapons player;
removeBackpack player;
player addWeapon "arifle_Katiba_F";
player addPrimaryWeaponItem "optic_ACO_grn";
player addPrimaryWeaponItem "30Rnd_65x39_caseless_green";
player addBackpack "B_AssaultPack_blk";
for "_i" from 1 to 2 do {player addItemToUniform "30Rnd_65x39_caseless_green";};
player addItemToBackpack "30Rnd_65x39_caseless_green";
player addItemToBackpack "SatchelCharge_Remote_Mag";
for "_i" from 1 to 3 do {player addItemToBackpack "DemoCharge_Remote_Mag";};
player setPos[2300,13100];

//Ignore Arthur's call and place satchels in the dome. Usually I place two on both side of the gate, one on big tank, one on fuel truck.

player setPos[2300,13100];

//Destroy the lab and wait until Keystone will call and will assign meeting point.

player setPos[5490,14610]; 

//Obtain sample as usuall. Wait until Samjo will assign the delivery point.

player setPos[5800,10300];

//Go to the van and place the sample into it (now you will notice how this mission should work properly).
//Rest is manual one:
//- you have to find a boat. Save the game because of patrols!!! Possible location is near the landing pier due to the west. 
//-after you will find the boat save the game once again. Your goal is to achieve edge of the map. If you will start from Goergtown in my opinion the easiest direction is North. Anyway there is always possibillity patrol boats will destroy you.
//-some time after you started Samjo will call again.
//-go to the edge of the map and further until mission will end. Watch the credits.

//Uninstall debug console.



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