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[SP] H&D2 Spaghetti Airport Remake

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Remake Description:

This is a remake of a mission Spaghetti Airport from old game Hidden and Dangerous 2 from developer Illusion softworks. The Mission includes very closely made airport layout, Briefing animation and cutscenes with original voice acting. Thoug it is designed to be more realistic and historically accurate.

I'm Aware, that the italians wear german uniforms, that the main buildings are too modern for WW2, etc. I just had to work with what we have in ArmA 3.


Original Description:
Your task is to find and capture Hans Schumann, an Officer transporting plans of German advances in Afrika. You will have to kill all enemy who would prevent you from carrying out your task and destroy the planes at the airport.

Mission Objectives:

  • Find Hans Schumann
  • Kill all the airport personnel.


Changes over the original mission:

  •  The airport is larger - For more realism.
  •  Some enemies are more strategicaly placed.
  •  No too modern weapons are used except Lee-Enfield No.4 T, as we don't have an older allied sniper rifle and Mosin-Nagant M44, as we don't have Carcanos.
  •  Music playing on the radio and when action starts are different, as the original ones ware annoying.
  •  Added more music tracks for more immersion.
  •  Schumann arrives on a Kübelwagen, as JU-52 was removed from Iron front and some mod kept breaking the unitCapture command.
  •  Event when an enemy aircraft takes off and starts engaging the player has not been implemented, as some mod kept breaking the unitCapture command and I could't figure out a different way to do it.


Known Issues:

  •  Characters don't open their mouths when they talk, as I had troubles with converting the original game sounds to lip files.
  •  Machinegunner on the roof sometimes boards into cargo instead of gunner position.
  •  The commader and sniper have defautly Colt 1911 magazines in inventory. This is probably due to a Pistole640(b) bug.
  •  Sometimes when the "actor" dissembarks from the Jeep in first cutscene, he starts running around the place.
  •  The Airport still needs adding decorative objects, however the mission is fully playeble, as it is.



CUP Terrains - Core
CUP Terrains - Maps
Faces of War
IFA3 Liberation
Iron Front ArmA 3: Faces of War Compatibility patch



Steam Workshop Link



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