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I've been playing this game since Season 1 and I've been playing a lot because i LOVE this game, it has a great potentiel ! You did an awesome job ! So first, congrats.


Regarding the last update (6.1)



- New stuff during matchmaking games (container, time safe...), that's really great !!

- Choose the music in the menu, that's really cool !

- Open the windows from the exterior : awesome

- New crates : resources / shootout / weapons 

- New map



- Shootout : a lot of lags... I think there is too much people on the map. 8 players should be enough and it will make less lags.

- Gestures : please add new ones! It's really fun to use it in matchmaking

- Shelter : you really need to develop this part in my opinion ! I think there is a lot of things to do in the shelter menu. New shelter levels ? A new shelter once you finished the main one ? Develop more activities ? Having the possibility to invite your friend(s) to be with you in your shelter ? 

- Charging menu / map : maybe you should add in the charging menu what lighters/vinyls/trolls are available on the map for the game you are charging ?

- Lighters : as the Fiskeri map is no longer available... how do we get the lighter Fiskeri now ?

- Bombs : they should do more damage... like at least 75% of your health to be really efficient and maybe improve the visual effects in order to see where it exploded if you are far from the bomb. 

- Blue safe : lagging again, we you do the code the safe close again right away. so you have to do the code and then open it again, not cool.





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