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Marshal. Alex

Task Force Devil - 75th Rangers RRC [MILSIM]

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Established: 06/17/20
 Location: Europe/Canada
Discord: https://discord.gg/4UQSgtzSp7

Teamspeak: taskforcedevil.ts3lu.win
Language: English
Contact E-mail: brodnaobjects@gmail.com


Joining Requirements

 16+ years old (Possible exceptions for 15 years old).

 Working Microphone.

 Able to attend Saturday nights and complete two mandatory training days.

Information about our unit
75th Rangers, Task Force Devil - is a 75th Rangers task force, operating around the Middle-east, and Asia we are looking for a serious people that want to join a serious group of Mil sim, of course we are always happy to recruit new people to our teams.

Our Missions
Airborne and Air Assualt Operations
Seize Key Terrain
Destory Strategic Facilities
Intelligence & Counterintelligence
Combat Search And Rescue
Personnel Recovery & Hostage Rescue

Battle Roles in our Unit
Upon joining the unit, you apply for an application which allows you to choose what role you want to go for, if it is battle on ground with troops, or be a sky rider as a CAS pilot or a transport helicopter pilot, These are not roles that new members can immediately jump into, every member must climb through the ranks and positions to obtain roles like team leads, squad leads and officer position

Courses Within Unit

Ranger Assessment and Selection Program 1

Ranger Assessment and Selection Program 2
Reconnaissance and Surveillance Leader Course
Range Master & Instructors School
Officer Candidate School 
Sniper School
M.A.R.C.H. Algorithm - Medical Training


Discord: https://discord.gg/4UQSgtzSp7

Teamspeak: taskforcedevil.ts3lu.win

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