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Terrain Object Replacement Modules

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Terrain Object Replacement Modules

Replace or delete massive numbers of terrain objects easily







Check images below for how to use:










Set the module position and module area to define area for changes (use same value for A and B size, radius will take the larger value)

Types to replace
Use an array of types of objects to delete. Example: ["HOUSE"]

Classnames or models to replace
Leave the previous field blank or [ ] and specify an array of classnames or model names of objects to replace.

Example1: [ "Land_u_Addon_02_V1_F", "Land_i_Stone_HouseBig_V1_F"]

There are terrain objects like bushes and trees and many others that may not have classnames, or may not work. But you can use their model name instead. So instead of
["b_ficus2d", "b_Neriumo2d", "b_Ficus2s", "b_Ficus1s", "t_Ficus1s", "t_Ficus2s"]
["b_ficusC2d_f.p3d", "b_NeriumO2d_f.p3d", "b_FicusC2s_f.p3d", "b_FicusC1s_f.p3d", "t_FicusB1s_f.p3d", "t_FicusB2s_f.p3d"];

Classnames to create
Use an array or an weighted array of objects to create as replacements or leave empty (or [ ] ) to simply delete objects or to use synched objects as input.

Example 1:
[" Land_House_Small_03_F", "Land_Shed_05_F", "Land_i_House_Big_02_b_yellow_F"]

Example 2 (the second classname has double chances of being used as replacement):
[" Land_House_Small_03_F", 1, "Land_Shed_05_F", 2, "Land_i_House_Big_02_b_yellow_F", 1]

Example 3 (just deletes the objects without replacing them):
[ ]

Example 4: Instead of "Classnames to create" you can just leave blank and synch objects you want to use as replacements (that how it is done in the example shown in the images)

NOTE: All these instructions refer to the "Terrain Replacer Module" and not the "Terrain Profile Replacer Module". There is some info on this latter in a file in the mod folder


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58 minutes ago, icebreakr said:


Ok, I'll remove it

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Updated. Now is possible to use model names instead of classnames of objects to be replaced.


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Major update:

-Can set area shape (rectangle or ellipse)
-New object selection filters:  probability, condition expression, exclusion areas
-New object creation options: custom or random direction, snap to terrain, random height (good for trees), simple object mode, expression to run on each created object

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