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[MP/CO-30] War-3-Front

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Mission by Slon&Qwertt ported from Arma 2. 

Island: Chernorussia
Languages: Russian, English
Mods: CBA_A3, RHSAFRF, RHSUSAF, RHSGREF, CUP Terrains - Core, CUP Terrains - Maps (ACE supported) 


Join your forces to liberate Chernorussia from NATO occupation. Gather a big team, split into 3 and attack 3 fronts simultaneously, or slowly capture towns one after another together with a friend or two - mission autosaves your progress (on dedicated server too), so you don't have to start from scratch every time. Flexible difficulty settings (mission params) let you enjoy the mission even if you are playing alone.

The mission works both on in-game and dedicated server.





Mar 16 2020

Initial version
Differences from the original:
-Vehicles and units from RHS
-Аrtillery is called from the support menu
-Empty friendly tanks will move together with the camp, if left near (50m from the helipad)
-Autosaving on dedicated server (towns progress, score/equipment/position of players, position/damage/ammo of heavy vehicles)
-Ability to respawn near place of death (toggled in mission params)


Mar 21 2020

Vanilla repair trucks replaced by RHS's
No more US Army soldiers mixed with USMC
More variety in enemy vehicles (and less M2A3) 
Repair truck action "Unflip" works properly now
Flipped destroyed vehicles don't spawn under ground upon repairing now 
Attempts (!) to optimize code to resolve game freezing every ~5 at random periods of time
Added mission param "Enemy vehicles lock" 
Added option to mission param "Load save" - "Yes, but reset vehicles positions" 
Arsenal content doesn't get shared between all players now
Changed the way vehicles positions are saved. It's recommended to reset them then loading save from previous version
Your AI now can't enter vehicles you don't have access to 
Vehicles moving with the camp don't get stuck on landscape objects now


Mar 22 2020

Added English localization
Arsenal box is indestructible now

Added missing strings from English localization
Added weather and time params


Mar 24 2020

Fixed infinite enemies spawning and causing massive lag after capturing Dubrovka
Fixed "No Entry" errors in dialogs
Fixed UAV dialogs
Fixed ammo box requested via radio not containing any ammo

Fixed some script errors
More improvements to vehicles spawning inside each other in camps


Mar 25 2020

Fixed minimaps in dialogs not showing any markers
Added back original artillery dialog (can be turned off in params)
Only AI in formation with player will teleport with them
Fixed teleporting vehicles getting stuck on geometry


Oct 24 2020

Enemies patrol their territories
Fixed score not loading after reconnecting
Code optimizations


Please note that there's probably still some bugs (I tested the mission mostly alone), and there's no briefing explaining all the features.

So please leave your questions, bug reports and suggestions below, I'll try to respond in my free time.

Edited by Captain_N00by
Updated changelog
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By the way may add in following patch to frendly bots occupied recaptured town and defend it.

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