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Armageddon 1914-1918 WW1 Expansion [WIP]

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Hi all,

I'm pleased to present Armageddon 1914-1918, a mod intended to complement the pre-existing "WW1 remembrance mod" and expand playability of Arma 3 into various early 20th century conflicts.

Many thanks to kju from IFA3 and Felix and Eaglke from the WW1 mod for allowing me to make re-textures of some of their assets, which make a large part of this mod.

Included in this mod:





5 New factions - British Expeditionary Force (France/Flanders), Indian Expeditionary Force, ANZACs, British Mediterranean Expeditionary Force, Ottoman Army.

  • British Expeditionary Force (France/Flanders) and Indian Expeditionary Force - New re-textures to recreate the British
  •  Army of 1914 featuring several different regiments (Royal Fusiliers, Grenadier Guards, King's Own Scottish Borderers, Royal Field Artillery, 18th Hussars)

Classes include - Officers, Riflemen, Marksmen, Grenadiers and Vickers Machine gun crew.





  • Australian and New Zealand Expeditionary Force and British Mediterranean Expeditionary Force - Faction including grenadiers and various riflemen, with ANZACs in Gallipoli-style uniforms and British units in

Gallipoli and Middle Eastern theatre uniforms. WIP as ANZAC hat will likely be re-modelled. 





  • Ottoman Army 1914-1918 - Ottoman Army faction featuring Marksmen, Riflemen, Grenadiers, Officers, Cavalrymen and Machine gun crew. 










5 New terrains

  • 5 compact terrains which aim to include as many theatres of war as possible.
  • All terrains were made using realistic satellite imagery and heightmap data from the locations of several battles.


  • Cape HellesGallipoli 1915.
  • 2x2km recreation of the Cape Helles landing at the start of the Gallipoli campaign in April 1915. 

Features X Beach, V Beach and W Beach as well as Sedd El Bahr fort and Hill 114.






Marne, 1914

  • 8x8km Terrain set during the First Battle of the Marne.
  • 4 villages as well as the river Marne itself and several crossing points.




Etreux, 1914

  • Similar to the Marne terrain, 4x4km terrain set during the Battle of Etreux in Northern France in August 1914. 




Tannenberg, 1914

  • 4x4km terrain set during the Battle of Tannenberg on the Eastern Front in August 1914.
  • Features some entrenched positions as well the village of Tannenberg itself.





Dublin, 1916

  • 1x1km terrain for urban warfare, a loose recreation of central Dublin set during the Easter Rising of 1916
  • Features several enterable locations and buildings (General Post Office, Custom House, TCD)
  • Several bridges and various barricades although most streets are left empty to allow for user-placed barricades to customise any scenario.
  • Proper factions have not been added for this map yet, although may be released at a later date, possibly as a separate mod altogether.






Planned Features

  • FactionsCanadian, Australian, New Zealander and South African units for the Western Front. 
  • American Expeditionary Force 1917-1918.
  • Ghurka regiments.
  • TerrainsTrench warfare style terrain (Vimy ridge or Loos). Open to any suggestions.
  • Ireland 1916-1923: Factions will be added for the Easter Rising in 1916 as well as for the Irish War of independence and Irish Civil War although this may develop into a separate mod altogether with new terrains.
  • Second Boer War 1899-1902: Some slight to adjustment to the pre-existing British units and addition of a Boer faction. A terrain for this setting has already be completed although may also be released as a separate mod altogether.



  • Any feedback or suggestions would be much appreciated.
  • Little play-testing has been done with the mod yet so I would be welcome to send the mod in its current state to anyone willing to play-test and provide feedback.






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I too would be interested in testing this out. I also would like to develope my skills and maybe collaborate with you on some future work of a similar nature. I havent completed anything just kinda test things out right now. 

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Would love to try out this mod, sorting out some ww1 missions currently for a server of 30. Any links

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20 hours ago, Pimp Daddy Mic Pappy said:

Can my unit do a 1916 rising op with this mod?


Yes you are more than welcome to, I've PMed you the latest version of the mod and any feedback is much appreciated as always

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Looking good! There’s a guy on the steam workshop named Conway who’s made a pretty good Anzac hat (both the folded and unfolded variants with badge and everything.)I’m sure you could ask him for permission to use it if you don’t wanna go through the trouble of modelling

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Hello, I would like to test your mod. Can you send it to me please ? 

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Latest additions to the mod include:

  • Rowboat with semi-functional oars (capacity of 9)
  • Upgraded slouch hat with a few variations
  • Over 20 new modular trench models for the Loos terrain, although all of them are subject to change until I can find the best way to get AI working with complex trench fortifications
  •  New British uniform but it'll needs better textures after which I plan to add divisional identities to each uniform and headgear. Planned divisions and identities include - 7th Division, 16th (Irish) Division, 41st Division, 1st Australian Division, 3rd Canadian Division, 1st South African Infantry brigade, 55th (West Lancashire) Division and the New Zealand Division. 
  • Gurkha regiments are also planned
  • The Tam O'Shanter has been replaced and improved.
  • Soft Peaked Cap variation has been added.
  • New 1908 Pattern webbing
  • New 1903 Pattern Bandolier 
  • New belt for officer's uniform




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1 hour ago, steam-76561198162121052 said:

Could I use this mod for an operation Im planning?

Welcome to BI forums, the mod here is WIP as you maybe can see from the title of the thread, so

hence the mod is still being worked on and not released for download.

     I highly doubt the OP would release the mod to one person because they have a campaign their planning, no pun intended

but your request is highly unlikely most especially since a mod like this takes a year or more to build, like everyone else you'll have to wait.


Use this mod instead https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=631253295

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