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Need help to set 32:9 FOV on 16:9 screen!

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I have a 16:9 screen at 1080p.


This is how ARMA normally looks:




But I messed around and changed it to half the height to "simulate" if I had a 32:9 screen aspect ratio at 1920 x 540:




Both pictures at different aspect ratios and FOV are on the SAME monitor.


Now I love the 32:9 AR because for driving and flying, it is amazing. I am assuming the FOV was changed to "widen" the screen.


If I ZOOM all the way back in, it looks very close to the original ARMA at ~ 70 FOV, maybe just a tad closer.


Unzoom and zoomed out looks amazing for driving, flying, or cutscenes and I am happy with this. My monitor is ~ 32" wide already so I can live it. I plan to do the same if I upgrade to a larger 4K HDTV as my gaming monitor in the future.


Now what I want to do is keep the WIDER FOV from the 32:9 aspect ratio, but get back the extra 540 vertical pixels so my screen is fully used, at 1920 x 1080 resolution, but with the same FOV as 1920 x 540.


How do I set the aspect ratio at 1920x1080 to match the widen FOV of the bottom screen?


Can anyone advise?



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I mean fovTop and fovLeft settings control that in .Arma3Profile.


Calculating desired FOV values goes something like this.

  • Calculate vertical FOV in degrees: http://mkncreations.com/files/bfbc2_fovcalc/fovcalc.php
  • Convert calculated vertical FOV in degrees to radians
  • Use the result as fovTop value
  • Divide fovTop value with second number of your monitor ratio and multiply with first number to calculate fovLeft value



  • Screen width: 1920
  • Screen height: 1200
  • Aspect ration: 16:10
  • Desired horizontal FOV: 90°
  • Calculated verical FOV: 65°

65° = 1.13446401 r


1.13446401 / 10 * 16 = 1.815142416


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So if the standard FOV @ 16:9 is 70, would my target or desired FOV be ~ 140 if I want to simulate looking at 32:9 wide since it would be double the width?


would I use FOV 140 as my target FOV to calculate for?

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