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Island Map in a Dialog

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Changelog for 1.99 states:



- Added: User defined maps in missions

BI added ability to show island map in a custom dialog and didn't tell anyone about it. Me and @RozekPoland found out about it by other means.


Remember how Mini Battlefield missions had to use screenshots of the map? Now they don't have to.





Demo Mission

There's a static map (type 100) and a static map main (type 101). You can change their colours just like you do it normally in Resource.cpp.


Map main works identically to the map under "M" key. The other type doesn't have markers/units/waypoint dragging/onMapSingleClick but you can set custom min/max zoom in its dialog class.

Static map initially displays center of the island while map main starts on player's position. If you want it to show something else you have to use setPos command to move player elsewhere, create dialog and move him back. You can't change map position/zoom with scripting so the usage is rather limited.

ctrlSetText will change background image. ctrlEnable will disable controls except Numpad will still work. Markers added by player seem to be bugged.



Here's a MiniMap script that turns on the map with a hotkey.




Here's Mini Battlefield mission modified to show a real map instead of a picture. Because you can't set initial zoom it's only good for miniBFs and not the big ones.




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added video and minibf
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