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Update 4.0 Changelog

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Hi guys, we recently started posting our changelogs to vigorgame.com  since from there they are also linked directly to the game and you can access them through your Xbox as well. But some of you were unhappy with the fact that we will no longer post them on the forum - so we will continue posting them here as well. So here is the one Changelog that was missing for Update 4.0  - currently available on Xbox and Nintendo Switch.


Main New Features

New Battle Pass theme

  • Battle Pass is now cheaper - 690 crowns instead of 900 crowns

New game mode - Elimination

  • 5 vs. 5 - team-based game mode
  • Only random teams - friend based teams will come in the future
  • Arcade game mode

Armory Cellar


  • Customize your character with intense Facepaints
  • Cover yourself or stand out!

New Tools

  • Jammer
  • Mortar strike

New Weapons

  • Bugle F1
  • Uk vz. 59
  • M249
  • RM14

New Mementos: Lighters

  • A new set of mementos
  • Some of the lighters can be found only on a specific map

Comm Station Overhaul

  • You can find multiple (3) Comm Stations in the Encounter now
  • The Comm Station can newly affect the airdrop in multiple ways (buffs and debuffs)
  • It can be used up to 4 times


Shooting, Weapons & Tools

Fixed: Shootout - shotgun comes with no shells in the chamber

Fixed: Weapon levitates when switched to the left shoulder and close to an obstacle

Changed: Team kills no longer count as kills (and headshots) for player stats

Changed: Weapon fire mode and ammo is now hidden for weapons/ in cases when it doesn't make sense to have them visible

Changed: FakeGlint, Transmitter and Jammer are destroyable by interaction

Added: Linked new generic string for suicide by contact bomb/mortar

Tweaked: Semi and Autofire now aligned. Recoil slightly increased across the board. Silent weapons no longer flash their muzzles

Tweaked: UK vz. 59 Recoil increased, M249 spread and recoil increased

Tweaked: Adjustments to recoil to emulate older behaviour. Adjusted slight error with Shotgun spread in hipfire

Tweaked: Updated weapon collisions via weapon collision tool

Tweaked: Reduced speed of main heal timer, was too fast

Tweaked: ADS reticle

Removed: Unused score counting from Shootout based on healing - this was causing the majority of Shootout issues



Changed: Looting mementos no longer counts for loot X containers challenges

Changed: Rarities settings of troll mementos and troll memento items

Changed: Pool of troll types per map

Added: Fire troll spawn points

Added: Flower (suave), cave, air and fire troll spawn points

Tweaked: Spawn probabilities in Bared house, Buried cache and Combination lock



Fixed: It was possible to accidentally trigger Battle Pass level up during connectivity issues

Fixed: Battle Pass Claim Rewards Screen could appear at certain conditions in different Shelter tab

Fixed: Veteran title is now based on airdrops collected rather than matches won

Fixed: Challenges - the system is prioritising new challenges above all else

Fixed: There was a possibility to open a shooting range challenge with the default shooting range, which shouldn't be possible anymore

Fixed: Scoreboard no more bloating memory with unused objects

Fixed: Mementos section in Guide now has a correct icon (instead of a question mark)

Fixed: D-pad up - Widget is visible again on shelter waiting screen (open after both, stash & level, are loaded)

Fixed: Sorting of titles - now sorted by rarity, not alphabetically

Fixed: Texts in the matchmaking notification now correctly differentiates between Encounter and Shootout

Fixed: Warning messages about incomplete loadout are not shown anymore in the Shelter Map in case the Shootout tile is selected

Fixed: Lobby onboarding is not shown anymore if Shootout is selected

Fixed: BattlePass Titles are displayed with incorrect Lawless/Order side in the lobby

Changed: Required killcount lowered for weapon-specific challenges

Changed: Placement of trolls in the preview scene adjusted to reflect new rarities

Changed: Shelter waiting screen -- implementation moved to shelter layer

Added: Optimization for Leaderboards

Added: Highlighting of friends in the Leaderboards

Added: Timeout for read/write leaderboard requests. The lack of it caused the stucked leaderboards

Added: Elemental layers for trolls in the Shelter

Tweaked: Changed position of shelter camera so it reflects the new placement of Crafting Table

Tweaked: Difficulty of some challenges

Removed: 2D map texture from the Shelter


Movement & Camera

Fixed: Getting stuck in cylinders

Fixed: Delaying player respawn during force respawn so players won't get stuck

Changed: Interaction dots now fade in the last 40% of radius instead of just last 30%

Changed: Improved visuals, applied to centre to the camera so the player's head is always in the middle of the render target

Added: Blocking volume for interiors



Fixed: Compass and HealthBar don't blink at the beginning of the tutorial anymore

Fixed: Animation glitch which happened when swapping skeletal meshes

Fixed: FPS issues occurring in Shootout

Fixed: Rebuilt houses

Fixed: The bugs on Luger's toggle joint animation is too slow when firing in 1st person

Fixed: Offset HP bar of your teammate

Fixed: Stamina bar got dizzy and moved incorrectly

Fixed: Consumable - animation system gets confused (when the player is trying to use the item again)

Fixed: Gestures - animations in preview get restarted by themselves before they are finished

Changed: Challenges are no longer shown in UI while the player is in the tutorial

Changed: Character selection in the tutorial

Changed: Warehouse rebuilt 

Added: Contextual ping icons

Tweaked: Weapon and Health UI set to always visible

Tweaked: Objects placement in interiors of houses

Tweaked: Ping icons in compass now distinguish ownership of the ping

Tweaked: Troll positioning in the shelter menu

Tweaked: Wrong combination lock chest replaced 

Tweaked: Garages rebuilt



Fixed: Troll giggle was played only once by troll lootable objects

Changed: Memento preview sounds now fade out when different memento is in focus

Changed: Preview sound of individual mementos is now played only if it has been previewed for at least 0.25s so that scrolling across the whole collection doesn't play all the sounds

Added: Preview sounds are now played for troll mementos in the Shelter UI



Fixed: After using a healing consumable server gets spammed and gameplay negatively affected

Fixed: "Typo" caused wrong calculation of the minimum amount of items spawned

Fixed: Scoreboard in shootout respawn screen now correctly shows the score

Fixed: Crash when the player switches user account

Fixed: Tutorial - At the start, there is a twinkle with hints

Fixed: A typo which might prevent users to retry download cloud data if it failed due to the connection issue

Fixed: Challenges - player character looting won't call events for other players

Changed: Pings now ignore open doors, destroyed barricades on doors and open windows

Changed: Phone Duel call is interrupted if calling player dies or leaves match before the duel starts

Changed: Spanish translation of the "Biker helmet"

Added: Optimisation in Shootout- all items which can't be moved to a corpse container (consumables, persistent) are deleted when the player dies

Added: New hints for 4.0

Added: PingMarker to objects - furniture

Tweaked: Added some sublevels to data table for Sawmill map

Tweaked: Ping system now uses sockets on pinged actors

Tweaked: End match result screen time

Tweaked: Grontheim map updated

Fixed: Crafting table -  hovering objects throughout all LODs

Tweaked: Phone duels blink on the compass when a player can see your position

Removed: Consumables - get rid of unused and obsolete code

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