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Enable debug console in custom mission/campaign for creator, not players?

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I am not sure if this is possible, but I am asking here if there is a way to allow me as the creator of my missions/campaigns to use the debug console so that would allow me to easily skip certain things to make sure certain tasks are working as intended. When looking at the wiki description.ext I seen there is the enabled debug command:

enableDebugConsole[] = { "76561198XXXXXXXXX", "76561198YYYYYYYYY", }; // admins and players with their UID in this list have access

But when I did the above (obviously using my ID) the dev console would never show up for me in the campaign when I am playing it and I even decided for the heck of it to just export a single mission from my campaign to see if that made any difference and still nothing.


enableDebugConsole = 1; // Enables for Admins, SP?

Otherwise if I don't do the way for the GUID that was listed, I could use the above - but if I am reading correctly wouldn't that just enabled it for everyone who plays the mission/campaign?

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9 hours ago, pierremgi said:

I read that, I put the one in my description.ext with my GUID and yet when I launch my mission campaign I don’t gain access to the debug console.


did I do the wrong command, or do you need more than one GUID?

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11 hours ago, killzone_kid said:

dont think it works in campaigns. You can always try mod instead, for example https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/217185-enabledebugconsole-doesnt-work/?do=findComment&comment=3295642


Yeah I kind of wondered that but now I am wondering does that only work on MP scenarios then? Since even when I would add that command to the missions description.ext and then export it to single player still I had no access to the debug console.


i remember though before I think I used like a single player cheat mod (don’t think that allowed the console, but it allowed you to enable like god mode and stuff so maybe that could help.


edit: killzone_kid, I ended up downloading that addon and well it was working as intended so I will have to do that, but I still have that other singleplayer mod I was talking about before and I think maybe I may stick with that since that has an option to enable debug console, plus like god mode, infinite ammo and other options that I could use to test my missions/campaigns out.

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