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AI won't shoot with rockets on vehicle target.

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So, im setting up a SP mission. Out of complete randomness the AI decided to shoot at my jeeps with their RPG. i found that so dope so I wanted to have that in the mission but it just wont replicate.


I tried setting a Destroy waypoint on the vehicle - AI does nothing, just walks there.
I tried setting them to open fire and combat state and just let them stand around (which was basiclly the same that happened when it randomly worked) but they wont shoot at it....


so what am I supposed to do to make this horrendous AI work the way i want? shouldnt it be self explenatory to enable the AI to shoot rockets at vehicles?!?!

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Your Jeep needs to have Blueforce soldiers onboard or the enemy AI dont fire.


Often, AI soldiers will use their main weapon and never use their secondary weapon. Remove all weapons from the enemy AI except for their RPG.


If the enemy has a rifle with underslung grenade launcher it will never fire the grenade launcher. Remove all bullets and with no bullets will happily fire grenades.



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