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Modding Guides & Tutorials Compilation


Last Update: July 6th

    This is a massive collection of Guides & Tutorials for modding in general for Arma3,

the following guides and tutorials are listed in alphabetical order but not sorted by any subject, also 

there is no numerical order to the list, the numbers to the left of each number is only there to be used as a

an associative reference.  There could be more guides & tutorials out there for the game, if there is any other guides

or tutorials i have missed please let me know and i will add them.

        I hope my list here will save you guys alot of time in searching for such guides and tutorials for modding!


  1. [Guide] Creating Custom Factions with ORBATRON
  2. [Guide] How to create your own faction
  3. [Tutorial] BI Sample Data Modding 102 - Intro to Static and Dynamic Objects in O2
  4. [Tutorial] Bohemia Sample Data Modding 101
  5. [Tutorial] Introduction to Modding in Arma Video/Text Tutorial Series 1
  6. [Tutorial] Introduction to Modding in Arma Video/Text Tutorial Series 2
  7. ArmA Addon Tutorials
  8. ArmA 3 Sound Modding 101
  9. Addon Signature Tutorial
  10. Animation - explanation of the magic behind
  11. Animation Tutorial: From Blender to Arma 3
  12. Basic Structure of a Mod
  13. Cars config guidelines
  14. Characters And Gear Encoding Guide
  15. Characters Modding Tutorial 1
  16. Characters Modding Tutorial 2
  17. Characters Modding Tutorial 3
  18. CMA:Development Setup
  19. Custom weapon - attachments don't work
  20. Documentation Sources Arma 3 Modding - Vehicle Configs, Weapon Configs & Damage Modeling
  21. FAQ - Armaholic Arma addon Editing Tutorials
  22. Glass Damage Tutorial - 3-glass_damage_tutorial.pdf
  23. Glass Damage Tutorial by ObmaR
  24. Glass Tutorial
  25. How to add vehicles to the game (Config)
  26. How Are Monster/Creature/Zombie Units Created?
  27. How to create your own Insignias addon
  28. How to sign your addons and mods
  29. Jets Hitpoint Configuration
  30. Mod Folder Icon tutorial
  31. Modding Characters
  32. Mondkalb's "How to create an Addon from scratch"
  33. Mondkalb's Addon Tutorial
  34. Mondkalb's MultiMaterial Tutorial
  35. Old stlye US Army BDU
  36. Particle Templates
  37. P Drive (devP)
  38. Replacement Config Tutorial
  39. RTM Animation Tutorial
  40. Ships Config Guidelines
  41. Soldier Protection
  42. Tanks Config Guidelines
  43. Tools Installation
  44. Underwear modding guidelines
  45. Vilas' Config tutorials
  46. Weapon Config Guidelines 1
  47. weapons config guidelines 2
  48. Wiki Tutorials - Bohemia Interactive Community
  49. Zachs Full-on guide to Custom Weapons!

Porting Units, Vehicles, & Weapons

  1. [Tutorial] Arma 3 weapons config guidelines
  2. [Tutorial}Simple Re-texturing Guide (From Start To Finish)
  3. Arma 2 Weapon to Arma 3
  4. Arma 3 Assets
  5. Arma 3 Porting Guidelines Overview
  6. Arma 3 Weapon Config Guidelines
  7. Bringing A2 weapon addons to A3
  8. CfgWeapons Config Reference
  9. Config Properties Megalist
  10. Do-It-Yourself Addon Templates
  11. How to create a gun in arma 3?
  12. How to quickly and easy get vehicles into ArmA3
  13. M16A4 Example
  14. Tank porting tutorial

Addon, Pbo Tools & Utilities

  • A3Epoch - Arma 3 Epoch Developer Tools.
  • Addon Builder - Addon Builder is a packing tool created by Bohemia Interactive. The purpose of this tool is to convert all data into formats readable by the Real Virtuality engine and pack them into a single archive.
  • Addonbuilder in Windows - a contextual menu shortcut.
  • Arma Dev - This Visual Studio Code extensions will optimize your workflow on building and singing pbo's, automate execution and installations.
  • Armake - A C implementation of Arma modding tools (PAA conversion, binarization/rapification, PBO packing).
  • Armake2 - Successor to armake written in Rust.
  • DokanPbo - Mount PBO files as drives or folders in the file system.
  • Intercept Intercept provides a full C/C++ binding system for calling the base C++ functions which are declared in RVEngine for SQF functions.
  • JAPM (Just Another PBO Manager) - Utility allowing you to pack / unpack Bohemia Interactive's PBO files for Arma 3 game.
  • Open Source .NET - Standard library for BIS/ArmA file formats.
  • Mikero's Tools
  • PBO Manager - A utility that allows you to open, extract, pack, and view pbos works for arma3 even though its listed under Arma2.
  • SignForge - RHS mass pbo signing utility Tools for Pbos.


To those who have come, gone, and are still here that have created such tutorials

for modding and enhancing the game to new levels, the Arma community thanks you!

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Added:  Addon, Pbo Tools & Utilities From my Tools & utilities compilation list.

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