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I have been using the Diyala terrain for Middle East scenarios, but after having twisted it with scripts to make to look more like Syria or certain parts of Iraq, and dealing with the problem of AI not crossing the irrigation canal, I decided to settle for a faster, easier and readily available solution: just select the terrain in 3den.


This set of three versions for the Diyala terrain chosable as different terrains (no irrigation, olive trees and different palm trees)

1 - Diyala (no irrigation): Same Diyala but without the irrigation channel. It's a vegetation strip instead
2 - Diyala Olives: No irrigation channel, some custom edits for Diyala and olive trees instead of palm trees 
3 - Diyala Palms: No irrigation channel, some custom edits for Diyala and a different model of palm tree (Malden palms) instead of the original Tanoa ones

Needs the orginal Diyala terrain as dependency.
Respects @CypeRevenge work: no upload of original Diyala. Just a bunch of config.cpp and scripts.

You can delete unwanted terrains and keep only one version if you want.
Keep DiyalaCore.pbo and objects.pbo and at least one of the terrain configs:



Diyala Map https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=680808574






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