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Mission scenario tips

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So, I am mainly making missions for my community by using MCC, as such, my question is not directly in regards to technical issues. It is more of an attempt to figure out how to create scenarios that makes sense both lore wise and from a logistical/military perspective.

What kinds of objectives should I make? Why is it we are taking those objectives?

What kind of force is defending it? What assets do they have?

What kind of assets should I make available for my team?

I find that it is very difficult to come up with authentic or at least emmersive mission designs, as I have little to no knowledge on how military strategies are made in real life, what an invading force would prioritze and on how to go about that. Further more, I have no idea of how a real army or even a militia would set up defences around an objective.

ARMA provides a lot of tools in that regard, but I have looked around the internet and found very little in terms of designing authentic missions. Can someone provide some insights or resources?


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"Realistic" is difficult, "authentic" is a little easier.


Regarding an invasion scenario, the basic priorities of the invaders might be:

  1. Destroy/disable air defense network
  2. Destroy/disable communication network
  3. Destroy/disable command structure

If you have a large enough group, you could conceivably run a scenario that follows through on all of these steps.

Phase 1 might involve some pinpoint strikes facilitated by a specops team lasing targets for stealth bombers/cruise missiles/etc. 

Phase 2 might involve a second wave of non-stealth strike aircraft, armor, and/or larger teams of Ranger-type troops assaulting and capturing or destroying comms sites.

Phase 3 might involve conventional forces engaging in various patrols looking for intel and assaults on suspected hideouts/etc.


But use your imagination! What would be fun? Do that.

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