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Hello everyone and happy new year! I wish you all the best! I am working on a mission where the player takes part in an invasion on an island and must disembark wtih his squad on the beach. There will be some locals and civilians around and I need to make them run away in fear and afraid of the invaders, when the soldiers are spotted by the civilians.

So this should be used as a condition. But I know there are some commands that work for the entire class or type, just like the markers. I use such a script that hides all the markers on the start of the mission and makes them visible when a condition is met. It works for all of them, so I need a script that would include all of the local civilians walking around the island. I intend to add a voice file and a text with their screams of fear or something like that inside the trigger, if this script works from a trigger and it will be repeatable. So, would you help me with this? I'd even appreciate a single script that works with one civilian only and simply add it to every one of them I place in the editor. Thank you in advance! 🙂

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you could use the allowFleeing command, if its a small number of civilians in a small area then you could do this from trigger on the beach area


name all civilians c1,c2,c3, etc


make a detected by trigger for civilians detecting your side and size it to your area


make the init something like:



_demCivs = [c1,c2,c3, etc];

{_x allowFleeing 1} forEach _demCivs;


i'm not able to test the but setting allow fleeing to 1 on a unit or group should make them run away


EDIT: or you could check out phronks fleeing civilian script 😉


a far more complete script for larger missions and more individual behavior so maybe more than you need

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