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CoopR Mod

CoopR Mod v0.8 [WIP] - A Coop Gameplay Enhancement

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Work in Progress (v0.8)


What is CoopR?

The abbreviation CoopR resolves into Coop Roleplay. These two keywords are leading the whole idea of this modification. CoopR Mod is a gameplay overhaul. Combining coop gameplay with interesting yet not immersion-killing roleplay game elements.

CoopR will come in two different release systems. The first to be published is the CoopR Light coop gameplay enhancement. It can be described as a subset of features that passed quality assurance by bringing proper gameplay enhancements that do not have any dependency to other addons of the CoopR Mod ecosystem. The other release is the CMF (CoopR Mission Framework). This framework will provide a library of editor modules and scenario attributes to create multiplayer missions that redefine ArmA3 gameplay by a large package of new immersive features. Additionally the integration of popular modifications like ALiVE and ACE3 will push the feature list even further. The CMF will be officially implemented by CoopR and is planned to run on multiple game servers. The collection of those servers is defined under the CoopR Combat Theatre term. A “theatre” defines the lore multiple servers are running under. Technically players can transfer their characters and squads only between servers where the threatre is the same. There is no way of transfering a World War 2 threatre character into a NATO war theatre. 




CoopR Light

CoopR Light’s primary goal is to extend the gameplay of coop multiplayer squads. It is a small subset of the whole CoopR mod idea. When the development of CoopR Mod started it was clear that this modification will take at least two years to implement all planned features. As time went by the amount of feature ideas grew and therefore the release date was pushed back further into the unknown future.

To this date the CoopR team managed to develop a working base with a good amount of core features. We realized that there is a basic feature set ready to be released. We call this set the “CoopR Light” release. The reason to release this light version to the community is to start testing the early state of the modification. We expect to receive hands-on feedback and suggestions that help adjusting the development process. Reported bugs will be brought into the development of CoopR and fixed in future releases.

The following conditions need to be met so an CoopR addon is a candidate to be released in the CoopR Light release:

  • No dependencies to other Non-Light addons
  • Adds striking enhancement of coop gameplay 
  • Will not require a wipe of any persistence data


CoopR Mission Framework

The CMF (CoopR Mission Framework) will provide a vast variety of editor placed modules, scenario attribute configurations mission configurations. The CMF will also offer a library of script functions to publish an API for other addons or mods. This is what the framework will bring to the customization point of view. With CMF you can build a completly new type of coop missions. One core feature is the RPG addon. It allows players to create characters with perks and role specifications. These characters are persisted and accessible between different mission created by the CMF. This bring another gameplay addition to coop missions - progress. Characters can increase their skills and “farm” their equipment. Incapacitation is not a trivial thing anymore. You can lose access to your character for a long time or even lose him completely due to permadeath situations. But the RPG system is not at all the only thing coming with the CMF. 


To shorten it up here is a short list of features that are either nearly completed or work in progress:

  • Character RPG System 
  • "Deployment Life" Simulation System
  • Local Persistence & Web Persistence (CoopR HQ)
  • Perk System 
  • Role Skill System 
  • Temporary Camp / Shelter System 
  • Supply Request System
  • Personal Storage / Barrack System
  • Recon Mission System
  • CoopR Webapp / Mobile-App Character Management
  • Extended Squad System
  • many more in concept...



The CoopR Mod team is looking for some fresh meat/veggie. Here are some positions we are in need for:

SQF Developer (All Skill Levels)


You really want to get into SQF scripting but you have a hard time gathering experience with SQF? Then join us for a while (or more) and learn something.

ArmA3 Extension Developer


We need someone who is confident in creating an ArmA Extension for our mod project. This extension should implement a REST Client / HTTP Client and offer a already concepted API back to SQF. This should enable our mod to connect to our webservice/web-persistence and webapp/mobile-app. It is a rather quick task if you are used to work with extensions since only API delegating logic is necessary.

Game Concept Designer


We need more heads around some concept discussions for coming features. If you feel you have a creative mindset and know something about how an immersive ArmA3 CoopR mission **with** RPG elements should work then please help us out here. We simply invite you to the concept channels and give you read access to our concept documents.

Vue.js Developer (All Skill Levels)


The CoopR Mod team is looking for somebody very special (just like us). For our subproject *the CoopR Squad Management App* aka CoopR Webapp we are looking for a Vue.js developer or somebody who want's to dive into SPA (Single Page Application) development with Vue.js.

2D Artist


We are in need of an Artist who has good skills with illustration software like AI or Photoshop. We concepted out the perks and role skills that now need icons to visualize them ingame as buttons and badges. If you have a free hand for that please contact us!


Feature Roadmap

Wiki WIP


Find us

CoopR Youtube Channel

@cooprmod Instagram

Support us on Patreon!
Contribute on Github!

Have a chat with us on Discord


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DevRep v0.8 #2 - Character Selection GUI

A short glance on the current development state.

This will be the character selection & creation GUI. Feel free to ask or make some suggestions.






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