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[WW2] British 7th Armoured Division 'The Desert Rats'

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7th Armoured Division





Greetings, candidate. Welcome to the Desert.


The 7th Armoured Division is a British WW2 Milsim unit. The Rifle Brigade is based on a mechanized carrier platoon, the reconnaissance element of a rifle company. A single section in a carrier platoon sports three carriers with three different crew weapons including the BREN, P.I.A.T and 2-inch mortar. We also have a halftrack section, made up of an assault element and base of fire element, equipped with a Bren team and marksman. The halftrack also sports a M2 Browning Machine Gun for the extra firepower. The unit also includes the 1st Troop from the 5th Royal Tank Regiment, the troop uses A27M Cromwells and the Sherman Firefly. The No. 322 Squadron from the Royal Air Force provides air superiority, close air support and aerial reconnaissance for ground forces. The squadron uses RAF P-39’s, but also carries out bombing missions using the infantry and tankers as gunners! We also have medical and logistical detachments, if you are interested in a non-combat role, as well as roles within the Support Company HQ.


Members take part in a campaign that follows the exploits of the real Desert Rats through the deserts of Africa, the mountains of Italy, the hedgerows of France, and the battered ruins of Germany. Casual missions are open to any conflict, and are often made by our members. Recently, we’ve also started a Red Storm Rising campaign on Saturday at 7PM.


Structure is important to us, but our goal is to create a camaraderie between our members rather than a rigid command structure. The CO’s door is always open, and while discipline comes first on the battlefield, we do not enforce discipline outside of our missions except in cases of bad behaviour.

We hope to see you in the ranks soon!


Support Company HQ Roles




Rifle Brigade Roles

Section Leaders



Rifle Signaller

Bren Gunners & Assistants

P.I.A.T Gunners & Assistants

Mortar Crewmen

Carrier/Halftrack Drivers


Royal Tank Regiment Roles

Tank Commanders


Co-Drivers (Machine-gunner)



No. 322 Squadron, Royal Air Force



11th Hussars

Section Leader





Royal Army Service Corps

Team Leader



Royal Army medical Corps

Senior Orderly



Current Demand:

High Demand: Members interested in the Rifle and HQ Roles.

Medium Demand: Members interested in Tank, Medical, and Logistical Roles.


Current Status of the Unit: We have recently had a massive Influx of new players, as well as experienced members from another unit due to a friendly Soft-Merge. We are in-process of filling in existing teams and expanding others. Be part of them!



Here is a currently WIP ORBAT with assigned members.Personnel not yet Assigned or in Training do not yet feature in ORBAT. 




Basic & Specialisation Training - Fridays, 20:00 BST / 15:00 EST.

Casual Missions - Regular casual on Saturdays, 19:00 BST / 14:00 EST, other days often have casuals, but are unscheduled.

Official Operations - Sundays, 20:00 BST / 15:00 EST.


Requirements & Commitments

Our only mandatory events are Sunday official operations, however if you inform your direct superior in a timely manner, you can be excused from the op. If one can rarely attend official operations, we also accept people as reserves which comes with fewer commitments. There are no age requirements but we expect maturity from all members. An interview is required for applicants under the age of 16. All members should be able to speak and understand English commands and conversation.


How do I join?

If you're interested in finding out a little more about us or would like to join, please go ahead and join the Discord as well as the Teamspeak. Once you're in Discord, an officer or NCO should notice you and help you shortly. If you decide to join the Teamspeak, please poke an NCO or officer to let them know you're there.

Discord: https://discord.gg/HM77zRw

Teamspeak: 7tharmoureddiv.ts3.services



Some screenshots from recent operations and casuals:



Platoon training exercise taking place at Shaker's Wood.



5th Royal Tank Regiment taking point in one of their Cromwell tanks.



A signaller and a marksman holding their ground during an unexpected German counterattack at the initial phases of the Italian Campaign.



RAF flying in formation during an exercise.




Hope to see you in the field soon!









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