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Thomas TKO

News on Chernarus

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Add Base Attack from Base with Level 6

aiSetup[] = { 2, 2 }; // format: {amountOfGroups,unitsInEachGroup};
allowLaunchers = yes; // Allow/disallow AI to have rocket launchers

hasLauncherChance = 20; // In percentage. How big the chance that each AI gets a launcher

killPercentage = 100; // How much of total AI has to be killed for mission completion (in percentage)

maxAttacks = 2; // Maximum amount of active attacks at the same time | can not be turned off

minimumLevel = 5; // Minimum required level of base before it can get attacked

minimumWait = 30; // Minimum time (in minutes) to wait whilst player is present in base randomModes = yes;

CrossSword ak Shipwracks


Change Marker to no Marker , now 10 Wracks with BIG Box on Map



Add Farming Drogs , Weed and Mining

3 Player need online and time from 30-60 min Spawn with different Marked Farming places , Need Knife for Drugs and Shovel 2700 on Trader for Mining 

After Progress you have some stuff for Sell on Inventory ,

!! Marker its only 10min on Map !!

Possible Building Places

Change of the permissible building area, now 200m to the next building only possible , Large Mission Squares are still limited by building not possible . Now to the bunkers  it comes to more often  problems with the inventory its gone now you can  move only empty bunker !


Exile Container SupplyBox

Add the Supply Box on Trader , Now you have 4500 Poptaps for the Box self , maybe now Player sell the box not leave empty Boxes on Trader City 

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I will close my chernarus 2035 server end of next mounth 1.04.2020 its over with chernarus 2035 , Think its fair i give poptaps and Respekt to other Server like Weferlingen or Virolathi so send me the pic from your poptaps and Respekt and tell me on what server you Play .

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