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Green Sea

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TKO Green Sea | PvE |ts.tko-gameserver.de|DC rDxWpXb


Risk an eye and join with arma3launcher on IP:

Showcase Green Sea

Discord TKO

For more information visit us on the web at http://www.tko-gameserver.de/
or come to our TS³ ts.tko-gameserver.de,discord.gg/rDxWpXb
Join our Steam group at https://steamcommunity.com/groups/TKO-Gameserver

Base Paint and custom Building Stuff , Vector Building, Advanced Crafting, Sells the mission boxes completely
Towing (enables vehicles to be transported)
TFS Logistics (enables all types of boxes to be transported)
Revive (allows players to revive with a defi within 5 minutes)
Extended++ Base Mod (build your dream house)
Missions and random AIs
Spawn cars (you can make your own using a tablet)
Our TKO addon offers a large selection of vehicles that have been changed in handling and co
Lots of XM8 apps

The Pink Box
DMS , Town Raid, Revive, Custom Missions up to 70 AI'S, EBM, climbing and rappeln.
We also have a Teamspeak³ ts.tko-gameserver.de for questions and
Place for you.




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