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[UK] Recruiting for the BlackWolves Milsim (Arma 3)

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Branch: Realistic Mil-Sim


Main Language: English


Time: 21:00 (BST) / 9pm (Weekdays/Weekends)


Operation Type : 24/7 Online Dedicated Server


Discord: https://discord.gg/AtHvE6V

Feel free to jump in the Discord group and let us know who you are and you can get to know the players.


Black Wolves founding members are mostly of military background and bring that knowledge and expertise to the game so that we can run realistic operations.
We don’t expect you to jump in and know exactly what you are doing, we will offer guidance, training and a good laugh!

When running operations, we expect everyone to understand what they are doing and not going all RAMBO on everything. We are looking for those willing to learn the ropes. If you have questions just speak up and don’t sit quietly if you didn’t understand something.

Available Roles: Strike Force Operators



Legal copy of Arma 3

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