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[Event] 70v70 PvP Event

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Hi everyone, we’re going to be hosting an extremely large scale (70v70) PVP event at some point over summer that will run over multiple days. We are looking for players and event staff to help with the planning and smooth running of the event, the applications to which will be released shortly. We are looking for ideas from the community to make this the best ever PvP event and we have already had a sizeable interest in the event since we started advertising recently.


General Information: 

- 70v70 PvP

- Rolling event

- Running over multiple days (DATE TBC)

- Chain of Command

- Respawns

- Infantry, Armour, Air Assets and Logistics

- New and Veteran players welcome as there will be some sort of training


Theme Shortlist:  GER vs. RU, GDR (East Germany) vs. FDG (West Germany), PLA vs. NATO or GBR vs. RU


Gameplay style: A mixture of PvP and milsim with organised teamplay.


Discord: https://discord.gg/kXGBXAB


Feel free to PM me or any of the admins on discord if you have any questions!

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Hey Anthrax, how is your PVP game recruitment going? Is there any additional information or updates. I have a small group who enjoys playing PVP. I also have a bunch of PVP maps that are super flushed out. Maybe between your group and ours we can coordinate some scrim matches that are open to the public to attract more people. Let me know what ya think.

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