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Hello all!

First off: 


I have not been around for a while, had a few different deployments in support of 1st Special Operations Group and I am now back in a stable environment to get some other projects done, mostly S.E.R.E. School Hosting for the USMC @ https://discord.gg/RV7QaWR There is some amnesty for Milsim Operators although don't click that link if your soul is a dirty filthy whore. Haha. Either way, just to let everyone know back in 2013 we help trial runs for different operations for the United States Army Rangers and certain recon Marines in Afghanistan. The time has come to replan and get back into the dirty dirty. I have free time with my  PC until Memorial Day and I the original plan has been delayed for over 8 months and I am getting breathed on heavily. Either way we still have a job to do. 


The original plan was to go with the Official DayZ mod with the packs installed and run under Operation Arrowhead. I need some updated guides and also I will not be streaming (as of right now) RDV would be ProfessorJive on Twitch. Can anyone help me on this? I do have a stable network and a stable PC. Add me on Steam: HipHopHypnosis you will see the original LYFEwithZombies logo as my steam name. Currently RECON68. Asking for assistance.

Welcome groups: Chechnians, British, Israelis, Australians, New Zealanders, South Africans, Canadians, French and Swiss along with our Austrians. 

Cheers! I will update this forum frequently. Thanks for the support over the years, I'm still alive, barely. hahah... 🙂 PROST@!



aka LYFE

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Hi i'm really bummed that the arma 2 dayz mod no longer works i decided to add this as my friends were adding it and all of us got the same problem "no entry bin.\config.bin\CFGworlds7 I figured since all of us got the same error it's a done deal! I did everything i could think of i'm wondering if i needed to put something in the shortcut of arma 2 exe file   only thing i have going for me is that i also have dayzn standalone but i was told in the arma 2 mod you can fly planes or helicopters something that can't be done in standalone dayz ok if anyone has any ideas for us otherwise it's uninstall and i'll just forget about arma 2 thanks!

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