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Can't move camera on Buldozer

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Hi all!



I can not move my camera on a bulldozer anymore.

I do not have a blatant error message, I think.

Here are the parameters that I put:


D:\Program files\Steam\SteamApps\common\Arma 3\arma3_x64.exe

-buldozer -window -exThreads=0 -mod= -noAsserts -nologs -profiles=P:\Buldozer -cfg=P:\Buldozer\Buldozer.cfg -name=Buldozer



This is my last log


== D:\Program files\Steam\SteamApps\common\Arma 3\arma3_x64.exe
== "D:\Program files\Steam\SteamApps\common\Arma 3\arma3_x64.exe" -buldozer -window -exThreads=0 -mod= -noAsserts -nologs -profiles=P:\Buldozer -cfg=P:\Buldozer\Buldozer.cfg -name=Buldozer -connect=pipe\20410,8EDB

Original output filename: Arma3Retail_DX11_x64
Exe timestamp: 2018/12/11 20:28:04
Current time:  2019/02/12 16:41:18

Type: Public
Build: Stable
Version: 1.88.145285

Allocator: D:\Program files\Steam\SteamApps\common\Arma 3\Dll\tbb4malloc_bi_x64.dll [2017.0.0.0] [2017.0.0.0]
PhysMem: 16 GiB, VirtMem : 131072 GiB, AvailPhys : 12 GiB, AvailVirt : 131068 GiB, AvailPage : 12 GiB

16:41:18 SteamAPI initialization failed. Steam features won't be accessible!



If you have ideas I'm interested 🙂

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I had this problem, too. To resolve:
Check the root of your drive P has folder languagecore_f

If you are not, then go to your Weapon installation, inside the Dta folder you will have the languagecore_f.pbo, extract to the P

Buldozer will now work and move.

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Or just use arma3p and have "everything" extract correct the first time.


DON'T use arma tools to extract game data people!!!

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