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question about custom cfgidentities

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class B_Soldier_base_F: SoldierWB

I want to create a group of custom faces and identities that a custom faction can select from.


in the snippet above for the nato soldier base class the identity type is listed as "Head_NATO" but i can't find such an entry in "cfgidentities ". I assume this refers to all the identities that Nato uses but i can't find where this is defined, either in the config viewer or in the dePBO'd .cpp files.


while i'm at it i'm not sure how things like "faceType" and "genericNames" are defined either...


any thoughts?



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Don't know about "faceType" or "genericNames", but my understanding of "identityTypes" is that it holds tags used in randomization, so when units are placed they get random faces, glasses and voices, but within the confines of their given tags.


cfgFaces has various faces tagged with identityTypes "Head_NATO"; cfgGlasses has various glasses tagged with identityTypes "G_NATO_default"; and cfgVoice has voices tagged with "LanguageENG_F".  So if a placed unit inherits from B_Soldier_base_F and has no identityTypes array defined, it uses those inherited tags to randomly choose face, glasses and voice.  When there are multiple tags of a kind, it broadens the randomization range.  If a unit class has "identityTypes[]={};" it gets no randomization, it uses defined identity.


That's my understanding.  If I'm wrong, somebody please correct.

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