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Arma 3 still a popular title

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i agreed with you for the limit of the engine. I know the Farcry,  legacy from Cryengine, But is for small terrains, RV engine manage HUGE terrains. 
To me the key is the gameplay, Arma 3 has all asset that you want but not the funny mix.
If the developers want to sell for eons this game (CSGO is still popular) they need to rediscover the game soul not only the simulation.
Endgame is a good start but i want more!
I attach a video is a old game with tvt objectives Quake wars. Has objectives with a campaign all in MP tvt. (clearly is an example is old and sci fi)

io sono di Roma Falluja!

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Hello everyone!


Arma 3 still a popular - this is true


2020 ends, I want to congratulate the whole Arma community, a Happy New Year.

All the best to everyone who reads this post!

Good health, harmony and happiness in the future 2021!


And most importantly,  I want to say that Arma3 in 2021 will continue to be the best war game, the best shooter.

In the 2020 I still can't compare any other shooter with Arma3,  This fact is surprising to me, since the game is over seven years old.

I can't imagine Arma3 without mods. Thousands of mods keep the user interested in this game over the years! 


Many thanks to the entire Arma3 community, which creates countless modifications to the game, which sometimes even exceed the quality of the original game.

It is thanks to you that the game looks so cool, after 7 years of its life. Many thanks to the developers for this beautiful game and for supporting the mods, this is a wise decision.


Thank you all and Happy New Year, I love you Arma 3!

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