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New system. Tips for performance?

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Hi guys,


Tested out my new system, and even though its flying without AI (as usual) and with AI but before they start "thinking" i notice drops under 60FPS when just a few AI fight. This was normal on my old AMD cpu but didnt think i would see it on the new one. At least not with just a few AI fighting. Older ARMA series i remember having TONS of AI before it got choppy. Of course maybe they werent as clever back then, lol. It doesnt slow down outside villages/towns with few AI fighting but if im in towns it drops just under 60FPS so i notice a bit choppiness. Without AI no FPS drops at ultra settings. Maybe there are some config tweaks or some better combo of the parameters that i dont know about. Especially for my system so i though i ask for help here from people with similar specs.


I noticed on ULTRA textures my VRAM was filled very fast. I saw 7,8GB when i stopped testing. Scaled back to V.HIGH textures and after some testing it was around 5,7GB VRAM. Possibly will rise some more. Few more settings:

View Distance: 3000 and Object Distance: 2000.

Shadows: V.HIGH.

Object Detail/Terrain Detail: HIGH

AA: 4x

AF: Ultra (16x)


With launcher parameters i just went with what i google-gathered (maybe i did something wrong here):

Hyperthreading: ON

Extra Threads: all 3ticked

Memory Allocator: Intel TBB 4

Enable Large-Page Support: ON

System Memory Limit: 12222



CPU: i7 8700K

GPU: RTX2070 8GB

MOBO: Z370-H Gaming

RAM: 16GB Vengeance LPX 3200mhz

STORAGE: 2x500GB M2-SSD (3200mb/s read)



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Congrats on your new ARMA system. It is always a goal for us ARMAholics to fine more performance especially when AI are concerned.


First, ARMA is MOSTLY impacted by AI as it is mostly single threaded. Thus you should... could try to OC your cpu as much as possible while being stable. I think your CPU turbos a single core up to 4.7 GHZ. If you have an aftermarket water cooler, you may be able to get up to  5 GHZ on more than 1 core. I suggest at least 2 cores OC'ed to the max for ARMA. The rest are not that important.


Second would be tighten up your RAM timings to improve latency if possible and / or increase the RAM speed with the tightest timing you can. Its a balance issue but it affects ARMA cpu and AI performance as well. Again make sure both your CPU and RAM settings are stable. No point in crashing out your computer.


Your SSD is good to go. Just keep ARMA and mods only on it. You need it to load in models, textures and data as ARMA constantly streams content into the system when RAM and VRAM runs out.


Don't worry too much about maxing out your RAM or VRAM. That is what its for - to hold as much data as you need. The SSD helps to swap in content when you run out but if your system is stuttering, then its time to drop down some settings.


Close all background apps if you don't need it running while gaming. I think your CPU has enough cores and is fast enough to keep apps opened or minimized but it helps to free up RAM on your system. 


For SP, I max out everything on Ultra @ 1080p @ 4000 distance and objects even on a 1060 3GB GTX - was waiting for AMD Vega but that did not deliver so stuck here. ~ 30 -45 FPS until AI kicks in and drops further.


For MP on a server handling the AI, I drop the shadows, clouds and water shader to STANDARD and I get nearly 50-60 FPS most of the time. On Tanoa it drops to 45 but is silky smooth with Vsync OFF.


You can play with your settings and note the FPS with and without AI. 

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On 12/21/2018 at 11:25 PM, AlexD1 said:

Extra Threads: all 3ticked

System Memory Limit: 12222

Try unticking these as A3 now does a better job of auto-detecting the best settings

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grats on new setup, mine is pretty similar - just little diff in mobo and ram, i have asus rog strix z370-f and g.skill trident Z cl16 3200MHz RAM, CPU 8700K OCed to stable 4.8GHz


After several days of testing - after i bought my new rig (07-2018) my launch parameters are:  -skipIntro, -noSplash, -noLogs, -noPause, -world=empty

under advanced tab i enabled just large pagefile and limited arma to 8192MB RAM - sometimes i got during playing windows warning about not enough memory and Arma was only running app, so i set limit to avoid that


On my favorite Arma 3 exile server (22-45 population) with same settings:

old GPU - r9 380 nitro 4GB - FPS 50-80+, GPU usage 100% (1010MHz)

new GPU (12-2018) - RTX 2070 8GB msi OC version - FPS 35-62max, GPU usage 35-40% (1835-2000MHz)


Im pretty dissapointed with results after GPU upgrade, even in night time if im online with just few players, my FPS is bad. For few hours i went back to r9 380 GPU just for test, and my FPS is back to nice numbers


My conclussion is, that Arma is doing whatever it want :D I wish you luck with better results than me!

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