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  1. Hi guys, Tested out my new system, and even though its flying without AI (as usual) and with AI but before they start "thinking" i notice drops under 60FPS when just a few AI fight. This was normal on my old AMD cpu but didnt think i would see it on the new one. At least not with just a few AI fighting. Older ARMA series i remember having TONS of AI before it got choppy. Of course maybe they werent as clever back then, lol. It doesnt slow down outside villages/towns with few AI fighting but if im in towns it drops just under 60FPS so i notice a bit choppiness. Without AI no FPS drops at ultra settings. Maybe there are some config tweaks or some better combo of the parameters that i dont know about. Especially for my system so i though i ask for help here from people with similar specs. I noticed on ULTRA textures my VRAM was filled very fast. I saw 7,8GB when i stopped testing. Scaled back to V.HIGH textures and after some testing it was around 5,7GB VRAM. Possibly will rise some more. Few more settings: View Distance: 3000 and Object Distance: 2000. Shadows: V.HIGH. Object Detail/Terrain Detail: HIGH AA: 4x AF: Ultra (16x) With launcher parameters i just went with what i google-gathered (maybe i did something wrong here): Hyperthreading: ON Extra Threads: all 3ticked Memory Allocator: Intel TBB 4 Enable Large-Page Support: ON System Memory Limit: 12222 System: CPU: i7 8700K GPU: RTX2070 8GB MOBO: Z370-H Gaming RAM: 16GB Vengeance LPX 3200mhz STORAGE: 2x500GB M2-SSD (3200mb/s read) Thanks!
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    Can you stop zombies from climbing ladders and open doors? Would be nice if they just gathered around the building.
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    Ah ok. I really wanted my MP mission to be about some silos with a chemical the government had placed around the island that the players have to destroy in order to get a ride home again, and i wanted the player to have to survive and look for the protective clothing as well as explosives (and food/water to stay alive during that time), and i wanted the silos to have areas around them with dangerous "gas" so you have to share the stuff you find and decide who goes into the area while the others defend that player as they set the bomb. :) I have a full backstory and i managed to learn again how to drop in the tasks. Now i just need to learn how to make a more eloquent briefing with loading image and some stuff to make it look more professional. Its really fun already as i hand placed a lot of items and really worked to make it look awesome. Faster time as well so you play day and night cycles during a play through (not too fast. Maybe an hour of both) since night time with just a flashlight AND zombies is a great combo, hehehe. I will check the specific scripts some people linked here to get dangerous zones. Actually all i would need to learn is how to make an area gradually lower your health with some kind of effect on screen, and have an item such as RAVAGE gasmask to negate that effect... Then with some editor trickery like green light and some mist on the ground i could create the illusion of some nasty gas in the area. Pop some horde of zombies close to the silos and BAM! :D
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    Hello guys, I was trying to put down the "Radioactive Zone" module and create specific areas that is hurtful without gasmask(?) as you get tasks to destroy a few things on an island, and the idea was that you need to find explosives and protective gear to go into these areas and maybe share what you have between your buddies (explosives and protective gear for the radiation) and send him in while you guard. When i place that module down though it doesnt do anything to your health or any indication at all that you are in a dangerous radioactive area. Was this module messed up in the big arma update or is it me not knowing how to use it properly? I tried to read what i could find but didnt see anything specific. All other modules seem to work. Thank you for a great effort with this mod.