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Update 0.7 Patch Notes

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Added: Barred Houses Event 
Added: Sounds for Barred houses
Added: Teammates markers in Duos

Added: Player Bounty

Added: Two wooden crates in Duos

Added: Shooting range scarecrow

Added: Puzzle Cube

Added: Button "Empty backpack to stash" functionality

Added: Woman archetype
Added: 5 Female uniforms

Added: The rarity of items notification

Changed: Interaction dot on every interactive item in the shelter area

Changed: Profile picture from Xbox shown for player and teammate in team menu

Changed: Matchmaking Improvements

Fixed: Crashes

Tweaked: Loot Distribution

Tweaked: Weapons sounds

Tweaked: Character movement on ladders
Tweaked: Server performance optimization

Tweaked: Character movement

Tweaked: Improved Camera position and movement

Tweaked: Fall damage








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