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(MP) Ravaged Islands of Tanoa

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NOTE: This mission also requires vandeanson's modficiation of the edn fortification mod: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1PtkubSMow7gZd2AlEoAOQ88qJFKSgaCx/view

For this SP style-MP sandbox scenario, there is no backstory. You choose what locations you want to spawn on. From there on, you loot and survive against zombies, bandits, and your character's own thirst + hunger. There are also boats (cannot be damaged) around the island to assist you to get to other remote islands. These remote islands may have survivors encamped on it, nothing at all, or maybe something worst.

Other features:
-Randomly spawning bandit camps: Camps will disappear if player is not near it. even if it was already looted by the player
-Implementation of respawn camps: These are only found in survivor camps and allows you to choose your custom respawn point
-Base building: Find blueprints that are randomly located around the map to start building your base to fend off zombies and bandits!


Known bugs and glitches:
-Zombies may sometimes glitch through objects or walls
-Zombies sometimes ignore you (good thing i guess?)
-Spawning bandit camps may have 1 bandit being dead from being shot by his buddies (don't know why)
-Sometimes bandit camps spawn in the cities causing some "collision" issues
-Respawn camp items can be "abused" in a certain way :3

-Players can't choose their spawn (will re-implement that in next update)

Planned features to add:
-Marker-based trader camps that sell you weapon attachments and explosives/mines (by vandeanson)


Required mods (all on steam):


-3eden enhanced


-Cup Terrains-Core, units, weapons, vehicles 

-Enhanced movement

-Friths Ruins


-NiArms all in one


-WarfareThai ex 

-Dbo horses

-Pook boats pack + cup version

Tried my best to keep the mods to a minimum but VD's scripts required extra mods to work with little errors 

Credit goes to:
*Vandeanson for his bandit spawn and base building scripts
*Haleks for his ravage mod


Mission Download (V1.2): https://drive.google.com/open?id=11Wskr9lRRUv51bF-e8_0n09FMHQX17xr




-Added more respawning positions including "starting respawns" that are separate from the ones you spawn at after death.
-Added random loadouts for player when they spawn
-Slightly increased number of bandit camps that can spawn at a time

-Attempted to remove/reduce foggy weather
-Allowed players the ability to choose their spawns (forgot to put that in)
-Removed manual spawning so players can't abuse it to spawn at their desired location or avoid the survival system
-Added better lighting to survivor areas so they can be easily seen and navigated at nightime
-Slightly decreased max corpses and vehicle wrecks in mission (to improve performance)
-Corpses and vehicle wrecks should disappear more quickly now (to increase the challenge and improve performance)
-Removed briefing and debriefing
-Allowed players to earn money for each zombie killed
-Decreased ravage's ai population factor + added VD's no rest script to (make it so that enemy ai aren't too common for the player)

-VD's current BC & no rest script replaced with his newer one
-Added VD's new scripts
    ⦁Bandit hideouts
    ⦁ Randomized Trader camps that sells all kind of stuff inc. explosives, respawn camps, + wep. attachments
    ⦁Horse spawner for the newly implemented horse mod(required dbo horse mod)
-Added new trader camp!
-Implemented VD's dynamic boat spawns that will randomly spawn boats near the shore
-Implemented VD's IED scripts that randomly places IEDs around the map
   ⦁bandit camps and hideouts will have a possibility of having these ieds
-Added boats near manually placed bandit camps
   ⦁Pook boats pack + CUP version required


Older Versions:





Steam Version: Link


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yay moaar bandits camps;))


looking forward to test your mission!

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Forgot to give players the option to be able to choose their spawns! Will include that in the next update. However, I will also deactivate the ability to "manually respawn" (So players can't abuse it :icon_bash:)

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Mission has been updated! Players will now be able to choose their respawn positions now and NO, you aren't allowed to abuse the respawn system :g:


And a bunch of other changes made to the mission (located in changelog!)

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Mission updated again..Look at changenotes to see the new things that are added!

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