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Radio Jammer's with Sounds!

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Using @rebel12340 's Radio Jammer script, I wanted to add a little life to them. I updated to his latest version and made it much easier to use them mid-mission with any Zeus:



Again, all credit to @rebel12340 for his work, I made 0 edits to his script, just added the effects and Zeus function. You can grab Rebel's original script here: 


You can download everything from here: 





Inside the Init of your Zeus Module:

this addEventHandler ["CuratorObjectPlaced",   
 params ["_curator", "_entity"];    
 [_entity]execVM "RadioJammer\jammer_Check.sqf";  


private _jammer = _this select 0;//the jammer
if (typeof _jammer == "Land_DataTerminal_01_F") then //check if the object Zeus placed is a Data Terminal aka Jammer
		[_jammer,3] call BIS_fnc_dataTerminalAnimate;//Animate the jammer to be open and "on"
		[[_jammer]] execVM "RadioJammer\TFARjamRadios.sqf";//activate Rebel's radio Jamming script, ALL CREDIT TO HIM FOR THIS, I MADE 0 EDITS TO HIS WORK
		_jamPos = getPos _jammer;//get the position of the jammer
		_jamSource = "Land_HelipadEmpty_F" createVehicle [0,0,0];//create an invisible helipad to use as our sound source
		_jamSource setPos _jamPos;
		_Zeus = allCurators;//get a list of Zeus's incase multiple are being used
		{_x addCuratorEditableObjects [[_jamSource],false ];} forEach _Zeus;//make sure to add the helipad to Zeus incase he wants to move or delete the jammer after its been placed
		_jamDamage = getDammage _jammer;//in order to loop the sound, I chose to use a damage check
		[_jammer,["Shutdown Jammer","RadioJammer\jammer_shutdown.sqf",[_jammer,_jamSource],1,false,true,"","_this distance _target < 3"]] remoteExec ["addAction",0];
		while {_jamDamage < 0.10} do
			[_jamSource,["jammer_loop",25,1]] remoteExec ["say3D",0];
			sleep 3;
		//this while loop checks the damage of the jammer every 3 seconds. apparently it can't be shot or blown up so we apply the damage manually in the shutdown script which ends the sound effects


private _jammer = _this select 0;											//The Jammer device itself
private _jamsource = nearestObject [_jammer,"Land_HelipadEmpty_F"];			//the sound effect source
private _jamDamage = getDammage _jammer;									//the jammers current damage

deleteVehicle _jamsource;													//stops the sound regardless of loop or length of sound effect
_jammer setDamage 0.75;														//set damage, can be any value really but I chose 75%
[_jammer,"green","green","green"] call BIS_fnc_DataTerminalColor;			//change the colors from red to green to let player now its "safe"
[_jammer,0] call BIS_fnc_dataTerminalAnimate;								//animate the box to Close, giving visually feedback to the player
[_jammer,["power_down",25,1]] remoteExec ["say3D",0];						//play the power down sound effect directly from the jammer itself

player setVariable ["tf_receivingDistanceMultiplicator", 1];				//variable used to turn radios back on
player setVariable ["tf_transmittingDistanceMultiplicator", 1];				//variable used to turn radios back on



enableDebugConsole = 1;
respawn = "BASE";
respawnDelay = 5;

//This is the section that is most important. All the sounds are 'declared' here to be used in game
class CfgSounds
	class jammer_loop
		name = "jammer_loop";
		sound[] = {"\sound\jammer_Effect.ogg", db+2, 1};
		titles[] = {1,""};
	class power_down
		name = "power_down";
		sound[] = {"\sound\power_down.ogg", db+6, 1};
		titles[] = {1,""};


1 Known Bug so far:

I've had a few people tell me that the sound effect is very low which is odd because on my machine, its loud. A quick workaround/fix is to just turn up the db+# in the description.ext to a higher number and that should get it working


Any questions, suggestions or feedback, let me know! I learned most my scripting knowledge back in Arma 2 so if its old or if anything can be done an easier/better way, I'd love to know about it!

Edited by XianGrim
Fixed error in jammer_Check.sqf: forgot to include the jammer name inside an array which was causing it to break
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Fixed an oversight bug where ONLY the Zeus who placed the box could shut it down. Silly.

Edited by BohemiaBeck
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@SSG-Kalle Is there already a jamming script for ACRE? I never used it so never bothered looking. I didn't' make the actual jamming part, just the effects, and Zeus part.

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Updated - Fixed another error, the jammer name needed to be inside an array.

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