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[EU][WW2] Jaeger Battalion 4

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About us
Founded in 2017 under another name and reactivated in September 2018 after a break, the Jaeger Battalion 4 is a WWII based realism unit representing an Finnish battalion during the war. We value activity, fun and the unique historic setting. We still try to steer away from the "niche" and negative sides of Milsim gameplay; not focusing on unnecessary details. We're still a small sized crew, however we are actively recruiting people in our ranks. All what is needed is maturity, open mindedness and ability to work together as a unit. We desire our members to hold up a certain etiquette within our ranks by respecting our rules, the general behavior, attitude and goal of the unit. This is to make that everyone can enjoy our events without any drama or non-tolerated behavior.


Missions: Variety & Fun

Jaeger Battalion 4 is based around an historical  Finnish Jaeger battalion. This gives us variety of different missions and styles of playing through the three wars the battalion took part in. Though we may cover some other units in specific scenarios.

Our missions will be part of bigger campaigns. Campaigns are chain of events which affect each other. Each campaign will be about a specific event or an specific battle. We will try to visit as many fronts as possible and provide our members with a good overview on the war.


What were/are the "Jaegers"?

In 1914, Finland was part of the Russian Empire, as an result of russification, there was many forms of resistance. Especially younger students were active. Many underwent military training which Germany provided and thus Jäger-Bataillon Nr.27 became the first purely Finnish unit. This battalion fought in the Eastern Front in WW1 and arrived home amidst a brutal civil war. Their skills were put to an test by making them the NCO's and officers of the freshly created White Army. In the following years, the old Jaegers were shaping the creation of the Finnish Defence Forces.


In 1936, the Jaeger traditions were given to numerous units: names, marches and colours of many bicycle units were changed. Vuoksen Jääkäripataljoona (founded 1918 and had numerous name changes) was then renamed to Jääkäripataljoona 4, name which the battalion were to hold in World War 2. Jaeger troops were trained to master fighting as ski infantry in the winter and as bicycle infantry in the summer. Battalion's logistics and support units were also extensively motorized. In the Winter War (1939-1940) the Jaeger Battalions consisted of younger conscripts and career personnel. As a result of this they received better equipment and more demanding tasks than normal infantry units. Jaeger Battalion 4 was among the best troops of the army, fighting on numerous fronts of the war.


Current event schedule

Event - 8 PM CEST
Training - 8 PM CEST


Open roles (can apply after basic training)

We use an historical squad and platoon structure. Thus some roles may be specialized upon or rare. Following is an list of current available (more may be available in the future) specializations in-addition to the Rifleman. In addition; personal equipment may wary according to the scenario. (Explosives, AT-weapons etc.)


Platoon Command

  • Medic
  • Runner

Jaeger Squads

  • Squad Leader 
  • Assistant Squad Leader
  • Machinegunner
  • Machinegunner Assistant
  • Submachinegunner



We're recruiting active people who are interested to play ARMA 3 in squad sized operations with specific formations and tactics. In the future we will be also focusing on combined arms operations. To join, please apply here: https://jaegerbattalion4.enjin.com

If you have any questions, contact us by contacting the Unit Leader (Caselius). You can find his Steam account on our Steam Group.


  • ARMA 3, No DLC's needed.
  • Microphone and Teamspeak 3
  • Activity
  • Maturity and the ability to act as a part of the organization.



Website: https://jaegerbattalion4.enjin.com

Discord: https://discord.gg/AX6wj4P

TS: nl3.clanwarz.com:1101

Unit Leader: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Caselius

ARMA 3 units: https://units.arma3.com/unit/jp4


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