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Destroy way-point overriding Move way-point

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Hi guys, this is my first post here.

First off, I have tried looking around for this but haven't found anything helpful.

Now, for my problem:  In a Takistan mission I'm working on, you are in a special team sent to investigate a few things in a small town, and move to the location of the Map and Photo Evidence.  From here you go further up a road where a waypoint activates, telling OPFOR AIs to get in a truck and drive off.  This is done via a few holds and a switch waypoint, and I have no problem with.  When this happens, a DESTROY way-point is supposed to pop up on the truck then and only then.  However, from the mission start, only the DESTROY waypoint is visible.  It is overriding the MOVE way-point I have set up and has seemingly no context.

I tried fixing this by adding another trigger on a road you walk through near the truck and having that synchronized to the destroy waypoint, but that does nothing.

Anyone have anything to help?

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