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Recreating a ww2 style battle

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I've used paint to help with understanting what i'm about.

Basically I want a group of west and East units to stay behind cover while opening fire at each other.


No matter what I do the groups always try to flank each other or generally move out of cover. How do I stop this?

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unit disableAI section

Operand types:

unit: Object

section: String

Type of returned value:



Disable parts of AI behaviour to get fine control over unit. Section is one of "TARGET" (disable watching assinged target), "AUTOTARGET" (disable independed target assigning and watching unknown targets), "MOVE" (disable movement).


soldierOne disableAI "Move"

This will fix them in the positions where they are placed on map.

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I find the: dostop unitname

and then the: unitname domove or commandmove blahblah

works fine for me bit heres the rub, and it drivin me nuts.

OK I made a wee script (two actually one calls the other) that has one group form a line behind a sealed off area of sandbags--in the editor they are called "wood fence".

Once the line is formed they go prone behind the sandbags and pop up randomly , have a quick peek ( crouch to combat) to see if there are any baddies then pop back down again. Each unit in the group does this independantly.

Anyways the script works perfectly and unless asked to I wont bore u with it cause the script aint the issue here. crazy.gif

Actually it works soooo well that it may as well be a scene outta "SAving Pvt Ryan"--u know when the Germans pop up outta the trenches take a shot then pop down again?

So heres the rub.

OFP AI recognise the "wood fence" or sandbags as some kinda barrier that dis-allows them to shoot over. They seem to think its IN THE WAY when in actual fact there is plenty of view above it to shoot the enemy.

I have tryed this with and without the use of the script.

I have lowered the sandbags into the ground untill they are almost not there so they  are only like one foot high and still the ai seems to think they need to get to the side or infront of the barrier before they can shoot.

How do I know that this issue is not due to the script I wrote?

Because when I simply remove the barrier they happily fire away at the enemy from a great distance and waste them very quickly.

How do I know that the AI can actually see the enemy with the sandbags there?

Because I played a prvt in the group and the officer indentified the enemy and told us all to engage but all the AI in the group said "negative" even tho there was a clear view to the enemy over the sandbags --even in crouched position.

Finally--they only will engage the enemy with grenades at close range becuase the seem to think they need to lob over an osticle --that being the sandbags. confused.gif  PHEW.

Try it. Place an AI group in a sealed off sandbag enclosure( so they cant get out make them crouch or stand up, so they can see the coming enemy) youll have to order them or theyll go prone and they wont see squat. Youll be lucky if a few shots are fired at all them remove the sandbags from one side and theyll prob take out the enemy real quick.

I sadly think this is a hardcoding issue that may not be able to be resolved. If anyone can solve this then i will happily eat my words (eagerly) and we will then have some REAL smart and wily AI to deal with that'll better the gameplay immensely.

PS if u want that script just PM me and Ill send it ya-- but not much good unless we can get the AI to fire over sandbags. sad.gif


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Wow, if that's true, Zayfod, I'm surprised noone noticed it before.  That's too bad.

What about if the sandbag is "destroyed"?  Place it then smash it.  Or what about staggering the sandbags some so that there's slits inbetween, big enough to shoot through, not big enough to walk through, like the old castle arrow slits. What about if the sandbags are off the ground just a bit?

Hmmm, I want to go look at that mission called Battlefield, the single player mission BIS made where the enemy is behind some cover and they hold and shoot at you.


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I have posted this to the modmakers forum also but I believe Its just as important for us editors, so admin plz do not consider this as a double post.

A recent discussion about a cover script has brought to light some very important issues regarding objects in operation flashpoint. The issues have been experienced by many map makers and players.

Plz read here and follow the discussion right through.


These discussions have led to a conclusion, a script and a test map here.


I am no mod maker but I believe these conclusions have the potential to seriously affect the way objects are made and AIs interpretation of them.

I hope this submission helps you and your fine work as great mod makers and editors which people like me have a lot of respect for.

If you were already aware of this before hand then I'm sorry for wasting your time.

Zay out

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Trench cover Script and test map has been updated.

OMG these guys are EVIL NOW. Many fixes and extra features to the units taking cover. For a full update goto:


Need someone to streamline it and test for MP.

Cheers Zay out smile.gif

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