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  1. Harnu

    US Army HMMWV program is dead.

    They'll just drive 'em to Iran for about a decade :p
  2. Harnu

    US Army HMMWV program is dead.

    The HMMWV served it's purpose, but good on 'em for scratching it. They really need an updated service vehicle. The HMMWV started as a nice lightweight replacement for the jeep, but in Iraq and Afghanistan it's taken on the role of a medium armored vehicle. My HMMWV in Iraq has so much armor and electronics piled in it, I needed a running start on hills, and the engine cut out if I turned the wheel to hard. (Not the most fun experience to make a turn in Iraq and have your engine die, and the electronics sap the batter power so quickly you can't restart the engine) Of course, I had the worst HMMWV in the team haha. There's so many models, I think they changed some around with bigger engines and more powerful alternators to compensate, but it's a lot of jury rigging to keep upgrading a vehicle like the HMMWV. I do feel bad for the mechanics in all the services that are going to have to maintain these HMMWVs for the next decade while parts become less and less available. They phased out the LVS years ago and before I left the Marines a few months ago it was still in wide use. The MRAP is an improvement is an improvement as far as safety goes for soldiers and Marines, but a viable replacement vehicle that can handle the regular and small duties of a HMMWV would be a good investment by the U.S. Military. Whatever they decide to do to replace it though, I just hope it has more leg room and a turning radius better than the 25 feet or so the HMMWV had. I've never operated an MRAP, I've only been and looked inside one. They were just coming into wider service in Iraq when I was deployed there. I've also never been to Afghanistan, but I know the HMMWV was and is in need of an overhaul, or replacement.
  3. Harnu

    Happy 233rd Birthday Marines!

    Because reflecting on your organization, sacrifices it's members have made, it's history, etc., isn't something to think about once every fifty years. Semper Fi.
  4. Harnu

    The Art thread

    Edited a pic I snapped of myself Great pic, one of our MPs too this shot, it's a great one to edit Cpl. Jackson sitting on a HMMWV during a stop by lake Thar Thar. http://img144.imageshack.us/img144....MG]
  5. Just recently got back from my deployment. I've been editing a few of the photos we took out there, have a gander: Iraq, Lake Thar Thar region: Playing (American) football between missions:
  6. Harnu

    Ask a mod

    Because the rules are a 600x100 pixels maximum for pics in your sig. Large images in signatures cause a bit of clutter on forums, as well as a strain on 56k users when multiple posters may have larger pics in their signature, in addition to whatever may be on that page. As far as why 100 pixel height was chosen as opposed to 50, 75, 99, 101, 150? Well, they had to pick something.
  7. Harnu

    Military Humor

    Out at a field op a month ago, I'd been on an advance party and spent all day setting up camp. Â By 2200, we'd finished and I was going to rack out (Had been up since 0200 ish). Â My pack was not where I left it so I went around knocking on some of my bud's tents to see if they had it or stashed it somewhere. Harnu "Hey Mohnke, seen my pack?" Mohnke "Naw man" Next tent, Harnu "Hey Glass, seen my pack?" Glass "No, I haven't seen it, sorry" Next tent, Harnu "Hey Nick, seen my pack?" Nick (<-- Meatball, always lost in the sauce) "Naww, but I got mine! Â )
  8. Harnu

    Military Humor

    I went to CIF last week (gear issue), and they didn't issue me a vest (flak). Their reason, it's on back order. And right now I might be leaving for Iraq within a month or two. I hope UPS makes a stop soon
  9. Harnu

    Ask a mod

    Yeah, and think differently again, you'll see whats up.
  10. Harnu

    Hello from Iraq.

    I love that weapon. I should be in Iraq within the year. I'm an engineer (heavy equipment operator) but hopefully can get on some convoys or something and get some more trigger time in with the 240.
  11. Harnu

    The Art thread

    Unless we make an official ruling I say go for it. This aint a game photography thread, but if it will pass for art with a mature audience, go for it.
  12. Harnu

    The Art thread

    I'm not the best but I was told that I did some good digital manipulation by my old art/photos teachers Drawn out flower, scanned and edited: Photo Manipulation: *Edit - Thumbnailed the huge photo manip pic.