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The new Steam update causes CTD's

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This only seemed to happen to me and alot of players after the new Steam update with the 'fancy' new chat interface. Although I don't think that Arma 2 particularly likes the new Windows 10 'feature update' either.


It seems to cause alot of crashes to desktop whilst playing Epoch mods at least. It is also difficult to shutdown, often requiring EXIT to be clicked on more than once (it goes through the closing routine and then returns to the menu again).

It will also suddenly  minimise itself for no obvious reason.


I'm not looking for a solution. There is no solution. Because people assume Arma 2 is a dead game then they won't bother to report it.  So, i'm reporting it.


32GB RAM. i7700. GTX-1080. Windows 10.

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Have similar issue since Steam update simply cannot get onto Epoch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All I get is 'cannot open file' C:\ users\me\appdata\local\arma2oa\tmp\_cur\_mp.pbo most of which does not exist in that location (I've checked on spare drive), done all the usual dross recommended  checks etc and a few bits that aren't but issue remains.

Not much of an improvement if it stops players playing is it???? Wouldn't mind but just had issues with BE and DayZ SA and Steam, which BE patched really quickly and were just mega helpful. I read somewhere that Steam usually jumped on these issues fast but to be honest I see no help forthcoming at all.

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