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Early access gone wrong: Dayz Standalone, after 4 1/2 years "early access" last chance to buy at a discount..

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Dear Bohemia..

while i love your technically flawed products and spent thousands of hours with them (most of them were awesome.. quite often i got Arma'ed) your newest Newsletter is just infuriating to me as i love your products, always hoped for a better technical foundation and now you basically go with a game that has been 4 1/2 years (!!!!!!!!!!!!!) in early access: buy now  last chance getting it on a discount.. as it is "finally" going into beta..

Instead of beeing sorry you try to capitalize on insulting business practices...



This will also be one of the last opportunities to purchase DayZ at its lowest Early Access price PLUS a 20% discount, before the game's pricing increases when it goes into BETA. So don't miss out!


Basically early access done wrong..

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