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Insignia unit not displayed in game

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Hi All,  On units.arma3 I load in MEDIA, my Unit Emblem logo 512 x 512px with white background.

I launch arma3 client game and I see the unit correctly associated with my profile and logo image is displayed.

When I enter in a public server (no mod) i don't see a unit logo in my uniform.


I also noticed that in virtual arsenal I have empty slot in insignia but i don't think is the central issue.

I have also been informed on the squad.xml, but if I use the steam unit directly in theory it should assignarmin the unit, I think ..


Thank you

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The empty slot in the insignia tab will always be the in-game insignia.


Your unit insignia will be on the other arm. This is a very common bug since the Alpha of Arma Units. Are you using a JPEG? If so try switching to a PNG and see if it works.

Press J when you enter the map screen to ensure that you are connected to the unit.

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