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Simple Zeus questions

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I'm trying to create my first scenario.

have some questions about EDEN and Zeus.


1) When I place an Ai, eg a civilian in Eden-editor, how can I controll that Ai when I enter play as zeus? When I'm Zeus in a game, I can place an Ai and controll him, but I cannot controll pre-placed Ais. How do I do this?


Same thing goes for preplaced objects and buildings.


2) Is it possible to make custom presets in Zeus and/or Eden? Say I want to create a custom made base, road controll point, or a custom made personell group, and save them as presets in the menu - how can I do this?


Thanks in advance



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To add all editor placed objects to all Zeus Gamemasters put this in the initServer.sqf or init.sqf:

	_unit = _x;
 		_x addCuratorEditableObjects [[ _unit],true];
 		_x addCuratorEditableObjects [[vehicle _unit],true];
	} forEach allCurators;
}forEach allUnits;



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