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Hello all


I'm looking to add some challenge to a mission by having certain conditions that if breached will result in mission failure.


First of all, I have a trigger that will fail the mission if the player's RTO dies. However, I also want the mission to fail if a total of three of the player's squad are killed.


Additionally, I have some civilians on the map and would like the mission to fail if two are killed.


Any help on achieving this would be greatly appreciated!



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You could use simple counter for the group members and the civilians.
Initialize those variables somewhere:

DeadCounterGrp = 0;

DeadCounterCiv = 0;


And each unit could have a script attached which checks if they're dead:

@!alive this

DeadCounterGrp = DeadCounterGrp +1;



The trigger would then have "DeadCounterGrp >= 3" in its conditions.


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