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Robin Withes

Having issues with AI patrolling

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i've been scripting in arma for about a year now but i have never worked with AI before, im currently making something that requires AI to move in a vehicle around some waypoints randomly while undisturbed. When they do get disturbed i can manage them to fight the players disturbing them but i am having difficulties detecting when the fight is over and getting them back into their car and back patrolling when it is.

It has to be done via SQF since i spawn them in and handle them with it already.



Any help,suggestions,code snippets or anything would be greatly appreciated!

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How do you check if they are disturbed or not?

You can check their behavior with this command:


Their default behaviour is usually AWARE. After they have spotted an enemy, it changes to COMBAT. Once they forget about their enemies(~ 3 minutes when the enemy is out of sight, must be fastrer if they just kill all enemies) the behaviour switches back to AWARE and you can order them to get into their vehicles.

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