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  1. Robin Withes

    USG Takistan Life

    The #1 most popular Takistan Server for over a year has released their 2.0 version. USGRoleplay has released their new Takistan 2.0 with custom assets, scripts, a high quality support team and loyal playerbase. If you miss Arma 2 Takistan Life or are just looking for a new roleplay server to play on than dont miss out! Website Kind Regards, Robin Withes
  2. Hey, I want the player to have no acces to his scrollwheel for a little while. I know a similiar result can be gathered by using the keydown evh and returning true to disable any actual event gained from it. I found the MouseZchanged evh but it appears to accept no true or false arguments to disable the actual scrollwheel, i know this can be possible though since servers like Arma Project Life have succeeded in doing this. Any help would be appreciated thanks!
  3. Im making a mission where the players are all part of the civilian side while the ai is bluefor. When the civilians shoot the ai is brings their rating down allowing the AI to shoot them. The players however can not enter each others vehicles anymore since they are now enemies to each other, i cant make the players captive since the ai wont shoot them anymore if i do that so what should i do with this issue?
  4. Robin Withes

    Server side spawned AI deals no Damage

    I managed to fix it by adding this to the Server Init. [] spawn { while {true} do { { _var = _x getVariable ["raServerCheck",false]; if (!_var) then { _x allowDamage true; _x setVariable ["raServerCheck",true,true]; }; }forEach playableUnits; sleep 60; }; };
  5. It's a little bit weird to explain my issue to i'll show everyone a GIF of it. HERE For the people who could'n make out the issue from the gif ill explain what happened in the video: I use this code: {_grp = createGroup west; _unit = _grp createUnit ["B_Competitor_F", position _x, [], 0, "FORM"]; [_unit] spawn life_fnc_raSetupLoadout; }forEach playableUnits; (the reason i use a foreach loop is because i ran it on server side as well + obviously this code is just to find the problem) (Extra note: The setup loadout function simply gives the unit gear and weapons) And i run it on the server, it spawns the AI next to me but as soon as the AI shoots me, the bullet just blows right off. I thought it was a issue with some event-handlers first but i found out that if i run it locally it DOES work. So in the GIF you can see i run the EXACT same code locally and the AI is able to damage me as i do. Now i did some googling and found out someone was having a similar issue HERE, unfortunately i could not find anything that solves my issue, im running the default Altis life 5 framework on a dedi box for anyone curious.
  6. Robin Withes

    Having issues with AI patrolling

    Thank you, i'll get around testing it later today.
  7. Hi, i've been scripting in arma for about a year now but i have never worked with AI before, im currently making something that requires AI to move in a vehicle around some waypoints randomly while undisturbed. When they do get disturbed i can manage them to fight the players disturbing them but i am having difficulties detecting when the fight is over and getting them back into their car and back patrolling when it is. It has to be done via SQF since i spawn them in and handle them with it already. Any help,suggestions,code snippets or anything would be greatly appreciated!
  8. A member recently asked me if it was possible to make a "Stroke" script where every key gets inverted to simulate the user having a stroke. I dont think this is possible but this or something similiar is possible? Any Ideas would be appreciated!
  9. I know that, unfortunately it takes quite a bit of resources when 50 players are doing it. I'm looking for a possible less resource intensive way.
  10. Is there any way i can check if a client still has a connection to the server? Basically is there any way i can "ping" the server as a client on it.
  11. My question is basically the title: When i create dialog using a SQF file is there any way to let it fade in / fade out instead of just letting it instantly appear?
  12. There is currently a small stuntplane in the modpack which i would love to modify for it to have GBU bombs and a minigun. I would rather do it with scripts rather then modding it and i would like to ask all of you if that is possible and if so how?
  13. Robin Withes

    How to get a array out of a string.

    As soon as i parse the array it appears to f"ck up the numbers Example: "[76561197979553832,76561198128204387,76561198115523495]" [7.65612e+016,7.65612e+016,7.65612e+016] //after i parse it
  14. Robin Withes

    How to get a array out of a string.

    Pasted your exact code and logged the _original var. Output is in the debug console. https://gyazo.com/d3fafeb11698f504ecdec2d05364eb39
  15. I have to work alot of EXTB3 and me and one of the people i script with are stuck on this (possibly) simple issue. When we pulled a array out of the database that contains playeruids we noticed it was a string and not a array : _original = "[`76561197979553832`,`76561198128204387`,`76561198115523495`]"; Could anyone help us out here by turning it into preferrably: _original = [`76561197979553832`,`76561198128204387`,`76561198115523495`]; We've tried most stuff already including compiling it using toString etc, but nothing seems to work.