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Hey guys,

So I thought I would try my hand at creating my own map. I have successfully been able to import my map into the bulldozer and have been able to view it in bulldozer. My problem is that whenever I go to import an object from the template library it cannot load the texture. It happens as soon as I place an object and it doesn't matter if its from a mod or from stock Arma. What it says is,

"Cannot load texture a3\data_f_exp_surfaces\sufaces\surface_concrete.paa."

So i guess my question is if I use a mod or even the stock arma props will I need to extract all the pbos into one folder so that the directories will stay the same. Or am I coming at this problem all wrong?

Any advice would be appreciated

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Are you using a properly set up P drive? Bulldozer should try and reference from that.

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